How soon is soon? Meteor Goliath

Okay, this is my first post on the forum, and this topic has probably been expounded upon already, but. The news section on evolve that says the meteor goliath is coming “soon” is literally torturing me. Its been what? A little over 2 weeks since we saw him? Maybe more, I’m not sure but my point is, I think soon has come and gone, and I am ready to play as the meteor goliath already, c’mon trs. Lemme have 'im. Pls

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Gotta wait it out! I’m excited too!!!

TRS will release MG soon
He wil be here soon

It’ll be released with the next update and/or character, that’s my guess

That’s a pretty good guess, maybe next Thursday’s stream?

I just think it’s sweet that he is free.

I think all of them will be free, they say that so people know it’s free since they have a lot of other things with money

Since they released Lennox with patch 4.0, it seems that TRS has abandoned biweekly micropatching for large bimonthly updates.

After lennox and 4.0, there weren’t any changes until Jack and 5.0. Now, 5.0 was a huge update, but I really wouldn’t expect more content or even tweaks until the next major release. Maybe with the changes brought by hunt 2.0, they will micropatch once, but it’s been more than 3 weeks and, nothing.

So my prediction with absolutely zero inside knowledge, it’ll be another month before then next release, which will include the new goliath skin.

Not a skin, whole entire different monster. Same attacks and close to name. But different drawings for each attack, they all ignite hunters and wildlife, different look too.


NO he knows soon that’s why he is saying how soon is soon

Hence the image above. No one knows how soon. So its just…

No, I know what it is. I’m still calling it a skin. If my flame breath is blue instead of red, it’s still fire breath.

I mean… . does rock throw do something besides damage you from being hit in the head by a rock?

Nobody likes your condesending large font and gif replies.


Add -.- + 500% = How much I put on you

@LithosMike Keep it civil.

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Idk I think they are funny :slight_smile: I wouldn’t say “no one” but you can say alot of people :wink:

All of his abilities cause DoT and are slightly tweaked in various ways. Lower damage from the actual ability that is made up by the DoT burn. Things like that.

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I’m civil. Just telling you that you’re not.

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Awww snap things are getting heated! And I’m enjoying it because I’m bored :slight_smile:

Meaty is going to be AWESOME I know because I’ve played as him :wink:

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