How Salty Would You Be If This Happen to You? 1-10


At least the music was cool lol


Wooooooooow. That was terrible.


First game playing as Behemoth I was down to the last hunter, one minute on the dropship and support right in front of me being smacked around… lost connection to host.

First game against Behemoth I join a match in progress, get a great dome out and proceed to kick butt, his armor flies away and then I get punched through the bottom of the level.

I was certainly not happy with Behemoth at those moments.


Damn buddy those hunters seriously outplayed you. The forced you into that.


lmao I love you


I actually have more situations like this, but this was by far the funniest. They are working on it so I’m happy they are open about the bugs and such.


Agreed. Glad you put it in community content instead of Bugs since they’re aware of it and all :slight_smile:


oh yea I figure there is no use constantly complaining about stuff I’m sure they are aware of. I did have to show them one bug tho. I call it the Out of Body Experience lol its pretty funny


There was way too much going on above and below the vid. :confused:

Is that normal?


You mean my overlay, its just something I use to display while I’m streaming, not every streamer has one, but its nice to show viewers a live update on whats going on. I could also see the argument to show more of the game than that as well, but i like to try different ways to showcase updates.


Ohhhh I don’t watch streams so I was very confused as to what was going on.

Guess that part of the internet passed me by. :smile:

I feel for that loss though man, you had them!


No issues my man! But hopefully I can catch you on the stream one day, going to be doing some tourneys in the near future



Oh and my saltyness level would be at 10.


Better than losing games, because the server freezes with the Behemoth sometimes… Ask @SledgePainter.

We almost killed the Behemoth, look at his health… We had to leave game, and take a loss on our records again… Happened in 3 out of what? 5 games?
@LaggerCZE Care to see yourself doing flips?


Dat Torvald is an amazing acrobat @Shin :joy:


I actually opened up my Fraps, just to record that… I thought it was pretty damn funny as well. ^.^


There was one time my friends and I were doing custom matches against each other. Our main monster player was Stage 3 on Goliath with about 3/4 of his HP still left and I was the last alive as Maggie. I started running and harpooning all I could. About 25 seconds later, everything went quiet but I kept running in fear. Then he joins back into our Skype call and says, “Congratulations! You just soloed a Goliath! Just wait for it.” Then ten seconds later we won the match as it turns out he fell through the map while climbing.

Later that day, I was playing with pugs as a Hank. I was the last alive and being chased down by a Goliath after cloak died. I tried to wall juke and he pushed me through the map and I died.

It’s actually pretty funny, IMO. Cheap and very unfortunate, but a good laugh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Why thank you!

@Shin Glorious. You see, I’m the most amazing Torvald out of them all. Not because I can kill a Monster so easily, but because I can do multiple flips at once.


Mhmm… ^.-


Extremely frustrating.