How Ranking Scoring Works [TRS RESPONSE LINKED IN OP]

They’ll comment. When you stir a big pot like this, there’s a lot of settling that needs to happen.

In my experience, anyone taking a big hit in points because of a disconnect most likely received a bit bump in points at some stage previously.

Were your teammates high level though? That might be it. Otherwise I have no idea.

Because for some people who “work” for a goal only to be robbed by something that doesn’t make sense or that is completely out of their control will piss said people off substantially.

Let’s say you were playing CoD (one of the good ones) or Halo or Gears of War and you were just a smidge away from reaching top rank/level and suddenly it gets taken from you from right under your feet and you had no control over the matter, what would be your response? What would be most peoples response? How about a person that spends a large time playing any game with such a ranking system because where they live that is the only real form of entertainment and the only thing they have at that point in life to escape the troubles of said life?

In Armored Core V, it had a crummy Conquest system but everyone worked with it in more than one way. Some more respectful than others and some did some fishy business. Place was a good candidate for a Soap Opera.

My team of 20 players were a very well known Squad with a mixed reputation. We had a some odd number of 170+ Territories (which are NOT easy to come by at times) and we gained them over the course of a couple of months through religious playing from most of the Squad.

During this time we would grab new players for the team and remove some since we could only hold 20 members at a time. Due to the nature of the game we did some things and the wrong person gained Leadership of the Squad. Want to know what he did?

He kicked ALL members from the Squad then he himself left it. What did this do? Made all 170+ of our Territories Neutral and it was such a stressful update to the servers that our servers actually crashed the whole thing for the next 15-20 minutes. He did this because he was sent from another Squad to join ours and kill us from the inside (because we were too good on the field of battle to remove legitimately). Please note that sending in an “assassin” into a squad is NOT an intended form of gameplay.

Anyone watch Game of Thrones? Know the part where Rob gets killed at the wedding and one of the reasons being that he was too good in a fight? We, Hounds of Chrome, were in his shoes and our “pregnant wife with child” was our Territories and our Squad rep.

Then it was a total free-for-all for all other teams who scrambled for our territories and was a total cluster fuck.

I wasn’t around for when this happened until the end of the whole thing.

You don’t know true rage and frustration until you see a group of slimy backstabbing lying players steal months and months worth of playing from you. It murdered the game for me and was one of the most politicaly toxic groups that I have ever seen. You’d think that you know a guy and you say a small tiny little thing and suddenly they act like you killed their cat, dog and their pet bird. Some people would straight up lie without hesitation to protect their rep.

I’m not expecting anyone to fully understand my rant but just know that I have dealt with serious crap throughout my gaming history and it wasn’t the first time a Squad/Clan was robbed from me.

Edit: In the end I was happy that this big event happened. From my understanding once my “Dirty Cheating Team” was destroyed all the REAL teams that were the REAL cheaters no longer had our giant shadow of “HoC are cheaters” to hide behind.

Once HoC was out of the picture the dirty teams were removed because all other Good Squads formed an alliance to destroy and burn them out of their territories (literally).

The reason why this didn’t happen until we were gone was because I was an honest person (and I hate myself for my honesty) and told them, the entire Xbox community in ACV, that we fixed our territories through what some would consider illegitimate means (but this didn’t matter because everyone did it but denied it) but we were fair about it and offered up some fights… quite often actually but nobody wanted to fight us after awhile because losing to us was apparently “Shameful” but whatever.

I could go on and describe the methods that were “illegitimate” but I’ll only do that at someone’s request.


That’s a painful story that involves a lot of social stress.

My post was referring to some silly ranking numbers that only roughly determine what other players you play with.

Letting something like this stop you from enjoying or playing a game you love is silly.

I’m all for playing to improve and setting goals. But the response on here to the ranking system has been sad.

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My post was in response to the whole point system and why it’s a big deal for some people. It might not be as important as what happened in ACV but seeing something that resembles “Failure” at the end of a match constantly is fairly morally degrading. And it’s even worse when the “Success” message pops up and it turns out it didn’t even matter because of it being ripped away by, again, something out of your control.

“Oh you won? Here’s a “Success” for you! lolnopefkyou! Here’s a "Fk you!” instead! Enjoy that surprise demotion bitch!"

BTW I added in a little something at the end of my large rant that kinda gives it a happy ending.


If you don’t want to see a message about failure, then don’t try and play a competitive game where winners are decided.

If you do decide to play them, get your entertainment and enjoyment value from the match itself.

Win or lose.

Not from the impact it has on some made up number that only exists in an isolated digital system.

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So you’re basically telling players to NOT play Hunt which is the bread and butter of Evolve.

While I find the game fun it is still a stressful game when you are in a No-Win scenario and nothing you do fixes that and then in the end you see that you lost a lot of points that you worked for and probably scored a demotion andnyiu don’t even get to know how the point system works.

No, I’m telling people to have fun playing hunt and not give a shit about the pointless ranking numbers.

The gameplay has never been more fun to play.

All those numbers are there for is to help you find a reasonably close game against similar level competition.

Yet people are saying they’re going to quit because some number that has practically no impact on their game takes a hit when the game disconnects.

Maybe it’s just me being weird, but when I play video games, it’s for the gameplay and the enjoyment it delivers. It’s for the satisfaction and thrill of victory or defeat in the moment.

Not because I have some stupid number floating in a system somewhere that tells me how many “points” I have.

I don’t blame Charmer, and it doesn’t seem daft at all IMO. it’s frustrating when the one gamemode that was semi-regularly populated is significantly bugged and retracts all progress players make due to no fault of their own. It would be daft to continue playing, unless repeatedly pubstomping Bronze players due to the ranking system is fun for players.

Imagine how upset people would be if some of the other extremely popular multiplayer games like Halo and CoD would randomly take ranks players grinded hours for. Lots of people who progress with their friends are going to jump ship to another multiplayer experience they aren’t going to get frustrated just simply trying to play.

With Hunt 2.0 this bugged the only other options are Arena and Evac, which are both pretty short on population compared to Hunt. A break is a sound solution taking all of that into consideration.

EDIT: After rereading the topic, realizing Major_Warrior went into a lot of these same points similarly lol. Well put.

At least I know I’m not crazy for my opinions… or at least not alone in the craziness.

I completely ditched hunt mode in general. If I even play the game anymore, I’d just stick to arena. Not even worth the time.

Only back to reply as your responses are trying to make me look a petulant child throwing toys out of a pram.

Play for fun you say…that is how I always play online games. EVOLVE I taken particular pride in enjoying. But let’s break down the new fun factor, as it currently stands with Hunt 2.0 shall we.

For the platform I play on, PS4, right now it can take10-20 minutes to find a match. Because of the division the game put me in following 9/10 wins in qualifying and after game crashes robbed me of that position of Silver Master to Silver Expert, I can wait 20 mins to get into a match only for someone to back out before match begins and forced to start search over again because my rank put them off.

There is no fun in watching wraith mince about in her cave for that long. It is also not fun after having a Rank I worked hard for get robbed from me due to disconnects. It is also not fun to win 8 games in a row and only scoring 60 points because the games population has not enough hunters in my division or higher for me to gain points to promote myself.

It is not fun to have another disconnect to watch the 60 points you worked to get in 8 wins over 7 hours over a Sayurday/Sunday due to how long it takes to match make, have over 40 of them taken making the entire day and time of play redundant.

No point playing as hunter as being pub stomped by monsters is also not fun. Have followed this game since Feb 2014 after playing at a preview event. Was at the UK launch party, have reviewed, blogged, streamed and made videos of the game. Watch every community stream and actively promote and enjoy this community.

So when I say I am taking a break until the matchmaking sorts itself out, it is not a choice made lightly or irrationally.

I want to enjoy Hunt as I always have, but new update has thrown big walls up. Until the matchmaking rights itself, in Search time and opponent level finding, I’m done with it.

Oh and as for Arena, since Tuesday not played the new maps as never came up, had to retreat to Solo mode just to play jack as everyone preffered Trapper and never got the chance to pick him.

I’m all about fun, but when so much is working against me having fun, its time to put game down till the fun is possible.

Glad your experience is better than mine at the moment.


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try crashing and getting this crap then…only fifteen of those losses are real and check the ban time LOL

The team had two higher tier bronze players including me and two mid tier silver players. I am not sure that we should have even been matched with a gold level player, but it certainly seems like a bug that a loss would cost me 33 points.

Long wait times are definitely an issue for monster. But that’s because everyone wants to play as monster after this update.

Point I am making is people get too attached to ranking points and have their enjoyment level attached to those, rather than the gaming portion.

If there were no visible ranking points, would you feel the same way about disconnects?

Or would they just be an inconvenience?

Missing the point of what Iv said because you focus on the ‘pointless meaningless numbers’ that you view them as.

As you miss the point because it means nothing to you, you are never going to understand the frustration many are experiencing. Therefore its redundant going in circles with you even though its been explained rather clearly but you are choosing to ignore so you can just keep saying ‘it doesn’t mean anything’.

Read my other post again, let it sink in and if you really can’t grasp the issues around just the ranking structure then kindly spare the time of replying. I explained how the gaming portion is no longer fun for me outside of ranking and even Arena mode.

Really can’t put it any clearer.

I understand it.

I just choose not to let something so trivial irritate me to the point that I would stop playing a game I enjoy.

No need to reply.

I would like to see an updates tab that the devs etc are doing on a daily basis so we actually know if somthing is being fixed or worked on.


Will say that the unusual silence to what many issues many are raising from TRS folks is a little worrying.

To know what we are bring up is being looked into would be great, not lost faith in TRS so hoping for a response during next Thursday stream.

Today my last 2 matches out of 6 was +24 and -26 because i finally played with Silvers.

Bottom line if you play with you rank you will gain/loose +/- 25

But if you are being matchmade with bronze while you are silver you will get only 1-2-3 and we all know why.

Unfortunately nothing we can do here.Playerbase is small so you will either have to wait like 40 minutes in the Search to find Silver players or after 5-6 minutes of not finding looking for lower.I don’t think there is much to be done :confused: