How Ranking Scoring Works [TRS RESPONSE LINKED IN OP]

Edit: Here is the TRS response

Seeing multiple threads across the General forum page and here in Gameplay section and we are pretty much saying same thing and only getting more frustrated. Hoping this thread can highlight it constructively and get a response from TRS as for me and others it is something that is preventing the enjoyment of Hunt 2.0:

Ranking Scoring…how is it measured?

Simplistically what we know is this. After being placed in your division via ten qualifying matches monster/hunters, you should be matchmade with others in your division. A victory should gain you points towards promotion, a loss takes points away.

Here’s my current issue.

Was placed in Silver Expert following 9 wins in the ten qualifying matches. Next win put me as silver master. Two game crashes and one glitch game took me to Silver Expert, a low level one at that.

That was my position yesterday. Since then I have won my next six games, again mostly at stage 2. But due to either not enough silver division hunters, all Iv been match made with are bronzes, resulting in only collecting 47 points from my wins. My last game had two silver skilled level hunters but because of the bronze in there only won 7 points.

As a monster player right now I can’t win even if I go on a path of destruction streak. Only being put in with bronze divisions means I can’t win more than 10 points a game. Average is 7 so far. Matchmaking takes so long that I can’t just back out and search for silvers so I play what is presented.

If I lose either via a clean hunter win or game crash/glitch I risk losing anything up to 50 points a loss. Last loss due to glitchef cost me 43 points and a Rank. Winning 6 games in a row gained me 47 points, did not regain my former level.

If I could know how scoring is done as a monster I could try to change my style to maximise points from a win. For example do I earn more for a Stage 1 win over Stage 2 or does hitting Stage 3 make me lose points? Does a relay win score more or score less than a hunter team killed win?

At the moment it feels to me that even though I love Hunt, its not worth my time playing as Monster if the scoring for ranking makes a win worthless and a loss so damaging. I did ask during last community stream if the original Hunt mode could return as a simple ‘Player’ mode to just play for fun, really hope it can because right now ranked mode forces too long a matchmaking wait (still 5-10 mins UK PS4) and the penalty for losing so high.

Hoping someone at TRS could read and respond (@shaners) just to help clear things up regarding scoring. Tired of being angry and frustrated, so just hoping for help and answers.

Thank you kindly for reading.



I know your feeling :frowning:

I know this is a little off topic, but can we also have someone take a look at people getting a bug which gives them a loss when they haven’t even played? It’s really annoying. D:


The only thing that matters is win/lose and the relative point difference (and a hidden confidence measure). They’ve said they’re using a tweaked Glicko-2 system.

reading that article, it looks like score will swing more heavily if you haven’t played in a while, since the system loses confidence in your rating over time.

Which explains why I keep getting +/- 1 or 2 points after I’ve played 100+ games in a week…

It’s also because you’re probably playing players with a far lower rating than you. I dunno about how TRS have set it up. In basic Elo (which Glicko is based off of), if you have a 400 point difference (which is like 2 divisions in this, e.g. Silver 3 vs Silver 1) there’s a 95% chance the better player will win, and when the better player does win, they’re only going to gain 1 point (depending somewhat on the K value) and the loser is going to lose 1 point.

It’s the penalty for losing right now. Not enough silver or higher division hunters for monsters to get promoted or recover a loss against bronze.

1 loss > than 6 wins in points

Getting sick of this now earning 1 point for a win then crashing before the map even loads and losing 19 points wtf trs sort it out.

oh and being banned for 800 seconds RIDICULOUS

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I just want them to fix auto losses for disconnecting during a match and especially at character select. I’ve got an 867 penalty for my screen blacking out at character select and this isn’t the first time obviously

You average 7 points a win? I’m happy if I get more than 1.


how many games have you played this week? The system they implemented causes slower rank adjustments if lots of games were played recently.

I’ve played less than 25, and it feels like more of those have been 1 point than not.

must be sheer rank difference, then. Either thrashing people three divisions below you or getting killed by pros three dvisions above.

As the ranks populate with people completing qual rounds, we should get better, closer matches…

But exactly - why am I being matched against people it’s not worth my time to play?

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Taking my leave from the forums and the game for a week. Earned just shy of 60 points total today after winning 8, games in a row, waiting 20 minutes each time only for a disconnect just now costing 47 points and losing over 100 places in my levels board.

I’m done, taking a break until either population catches up or TRS sort this losing penalty imbalance out.

Happy gaming all.



That is not the case in practice. It might be a bug, but yesterday I played against a gold level monster as a bronze elite and lost 33 points. Today I lost against 2 silver elites and only lost 1 point each match.

2 games in a row with the same team , i lost both , first i lose 1 point , the second one i lose 6 point … where is the logic ?

Why not just play for fun?

Why rob yourself of the enjoyment of the game because some silly, made up numbers are going up and down?

Seems daft to me.


Sadly there must be a bad reason as to why none of the Devs have tried explaining the scoring process to us yet. So many threads and they are “always watching” but when something like this comes up they completely beat around the bush and post in other threads about whatever or they simply just zip up and sit back as the confusion builds.

All we’ve asked for in this subject is “How does it work?” and it doesn’t need to be a complicated answer, hell a simple dummy proof answer would be nice but all we get is Super Hype on Meteor Goliath instead of what we really want.

It’s irritating. I mean Meteor Goliath is nice and all but…