How old are the hunters and other questions


I am just wondering, how old are these monster hunters?
Are any of them married?
Did they leave their beloved ones to help out people?
Do they have children, besides Lenny?


Cabbage and Sunny were father and daughter before they decided against it.

I think Griff is in his 40’s?

Sunny is around 18-19?

Jack being 16ish.

That’s all I feel like typing haha.


I don’t think we have ever been given exact birth dates, most are approximations.

Cabot was married, but I don’t think any of the rest of them were except for possibly Lennox.

All the hunters have “loner” personalities so I doubt any of them had loved ones to leave behind.


like divorced, or she passed?


She died of an infection. I think it’s told in a conversation between Bucket and Val.


Died from a stomach virus.


She died, his ship is named after her. She got sick…the bots on the ship misdiagnosed her and well RIP. Bucket became wife 2.0


Damn , he is like 55 almost 60 xD



that is… sad


I’m pretty sure he isn’t that old, that’s putting him up there with old ass Lennox.
He just seems a lot older but the thing is he’s been hunting since he was way young–so he is experienced with all of that. I would say between the ages of 43-48 give or take.


I have no words for this reply :sweat_smile:


Even sadder when you find out Bucket planned the whole thing.

(Not really, but maybe) :flushed:





(These are my guesses please don’t take it serious)
Val: late 20’s perhaps early 30’s.
Lazarus: Early fifties.
Caira: Early 20’s.
Slim: 25 years perhaps? Can he even reproduce?

Hank: Early 50’s? I believe he might be older than Lazarus.
Cabot: Late 40’s
Sunny: 18-19

Maggie: Early 30’s
Griffin: Near the same age as Lazarus and Hank.
Abe: Early 30’s. Younger than Parnell.
Crow: About 45
Jack: Definitely believe he is younger than Sunny even though Sunny was suppose to be the youngest Hunter. I would say 17.

Markov: Early 40’s.
Hyde: Early 40’s maybe late 30’s.
Parnell: Late 30’s. Probably the youngest assault?
Torvald: I at first believed he was younger than Parnell but just through his life experiences I think he’s a year or two older?
Lennox: Late 50’s



In a convo with Jack Cabot tells he has a daughter too. Who also died, give this man a break please


Caira is engaged.

To me. >.>


abe will stick you with a tracking dart :wink:


I planned nothing.
Just 1’s and 0’s my friend