How often do you watch Evolve Streams


It came to my attention that the game is slowly declining, but I still wonder if some of you watch Evolve streams on twitch and can suggest me some streamers.


I´m watching PS4 streamer Jayrob. Good gameplay and nice guy.


I don’t right now due to how long it takes to get games in hunt ( but I do upload games fairly regularly to

I expect more players to comeback when the micropatch is out and especially when 9.0 is out


I watch @Wednesday13 almost every day


Great, I should watch your videos for some tips…

Also @SuperBadJuJu and @Seedsy are good streamers for Evolve and regularly stream for @EvolveGame as well, along with them casting community tournaments


I still stream a lot. I had been gone but I’m back now.


You can check out this thread to get an idea. I may need to go update it though.


I used to stream it almost everyday as well. Life has been very busy for me these last few months so I haven’t had a chance. Once everything settled down over here I am going to start streaming it again.


Biper2player / Jay 2K14 / pepkrn / o mickeey / a seads / Torvalds / dynamite / Tricky mr green / Sidewaysgts

I am watching 1-2 HR every day


That’s you? I couldn’t remember who that channel belonged too. I watch all your game play videos. I especially like them because its all Goliath (my main).

I wish I was as good as you. :’(


Used to watch a little. But game is on its way to the grave, and with all these beautiful games coming out and already out, I can’t imagine this game going much longer.


I watch them when I have the free time.


Goliath <3
It’s all just practice man. That and try to play vs teams that kick your ass. If you can start to overcome that then you know you’re making progress.


You make turn arounds on games I would have just crumbled. I have learned quite a bit though and my W/L ratio is improving.


@OP Do you remember how many breads you have eaten in your life?


I watch @Torvald_Stavig

I try to watch pro monsters more often.


I watch every now and again whenever I get the time, so its mostly just one or two hours every few weeks. Been especially busy lately what with Wrestlemania and NXT Takeover.


I watch Evolve streams almost everyday. Actually I watch them more than I play.


same here, but it has helped improved my play though. Monkey see, monkey do.