How often do you get to play your most prefered class?


The question is simple. How often are you assigned a role you want to play the most? Another part of the question would be how often you get to switch the roles as hunter with someone else before the match?

I like playing as trapper (Maggie, to be more specific) and I played trapper in 90% of my games. Either I get assigned a trapper role or in same cases someone let’s me switch. Is it because not many people actually want to play trapper or because Turtlerockstudios did some amazing work on matchmaker and make it so you often get your pick while being paired with people of equal skill?

Whatever the case I am pretty happy I got to play so many games with Maggie. I got really close to unlocking the elite skin and I plan on repeating all that progress once the game is out.


I pref to Medic and I’d say 75% of the time I’m given that role. I’ve never swapped. Support was my second pref and that’s who I got almost all the rest of the time, apart from a couple of monsters and a couple of times as assault.


I feel like the matchmaking and preference system is broken.

Last night, I had this weird bug where it put me into the same group, 48 times in a row. That’s right. I clicked “Hunt” and it would instantly find a game and it was the same group over and over. I didn’t want to play with that group. So, I spent the next 20min clicking “Hunt” and clicking “Back” when it instantly found 4 players so I didn’t have to incurr the 60sec penalty. I even (after a few instant finds) let it join through to see if it was the same group of 4 and it was. The best part? It was giving me my least preferred role (Support). It was refusing to match me into any other game with my other 4, more prioritized roles.

The matchmaking system also has a pretty bad habit of grouping people up that have the same priority role. I was in a game two days ago where four people kept rotating monster after every around, because all four of us had Monster as our first role.

Then… here’s the kicker! So, my roles are: :monster: > :medic: > :assault: > :trapper: > :support: and it had the nerve to put me into a game with two bots (Val bot, Markov Bot) as Trapper!


I’d say very often.

My preference list is :monster: :assault: :medic: :support: :trapper:

When I go solo I get to be the monster most of the time, otherwise it seems pretty random as to which role I end up with, but it definitely tends to give me Assault and Medic more often.
In a group, unless there is another player competing for the Assault slot, I’ll get that nearly always. If not, I seem to alternate between Medic and Assault. I might have gotten Support once or twice, but never Trapper.

As for switching roles, I never do that unless I get either Support or Trapper because I’m bad at both. Assuming players want to switch, of course.


I get my #1 support almost all the time. I like that it will even put you into a in progress game that has ai as your first choice instead of loading you into a new match and maybe not receiving your #1.


Nearly every time which I find amazing. I’d estimate about 90% of the time! Always monster monster :smiley:


About 50%-75% I get one of my first 2 choices (Monster, trapper).

On the other hand, I’ve also gotten my least preferred choice (medic) multiple times in a row on multiple occasions. I wish we had a way of saying “I definitely don’t want to play this class” and that matchmaking would simply put you in a lobby where that’s possible. If you change it while in a lobby, you should be prepared to be thrown back into matchmaking.


I had mine set to mostly :monster: > :medic: > :trapper: > :assault: > :support: and I got mostly monster and medic unless I switched them up. I don’t think I ever got my 4th or 5th choice.

Though that might be different if I were solo and had monster set to 5th, it might still give you monster since there aren’t enough solo players to fill lobbies.


My roles went like this, :medic: > :assault: > :support: > :trapper: > :monster:

I managed to get Medic way more than I should have. I literally play nothing but Lazarus (Alpha included) and I managed to peak at number seven on the leaderboard for him. I also managed to play enough assault to unlock Hyde. I never had to play trapper and I only got stuck on monster late at night when premades fours were playing. (i left those lobbies though because i’m literally the worst monster ever and i hate playing it) I was more than happy with the match making that I got.


Every time I launched Evolve and made the first search, the game joined me in random match that was already going on and gave me whatever class. When I left and searched again, I got my number 1 or 2 preference.


I had monster as my first choise (no friends with evolve :sob:) and I got it almost all the time. Those rare times I didn’t, I got it for the rematch.


Had Trapper as my first choice, played him about 95% of the time.
In the odd case I got put as Support (2nd Choice) I’d ask if the Trapper wanted to switch. Worked more often than not.