How much would that hurt?

So I was just analyzing Slim for research purposes. Then a thought came to me. How painful would a transformation into a basilisk soldier be?

It’s the kind of pain that you can’t ever match. Having your entire body physically change in a few days.

Eh, I’d imagine it couldn’t be worse than what they did to Logan/Wade.

Physically changing you from a human to an insect?
Growing wings.
Your eyes change to the weird bug eyes.
Losing fingers.
Skin changing to the stuff.
Growing/losing organs.
And this probably lasts over several days if not weeks.


Feels great mate.


You know who Logan, and Wade are right? Wolverine, and Deadpool? Go read the comics. I’d rather feel whatever Slim felt, than what they felt.

Pick your poison!

The pain isn’t what sticks with you. Knowing that you were used and manipulated is what sticks with you.

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Is there any sort of dialogue where Slim talks about this? Because if there isn’t I’d wager that the soldiers were kept under while the process took place. As in, they would feel nothing. :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps residual pains after the process, when they woke up and began to get used to their new bodies, but I highly doubt they;d have undergone the procedure totally awake and undrugged.

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Unless Mathew is into pain for whatever reason, and writes them up as being awake during the process one day.

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Well you see, the SPARTAN II Augmentation proccess included a platinum pellet containing human growth hormone catalyst that is implanted in the thyro–

Oh. Slim.

I dunno.


Well, Torvald was ripped apart by a monster, Lennox is crammed into the Thunder Child which for a person her age MUST be painful and uncomfortable, if not only for the cramps afterwards, Hyde has a burned face, Markov’s face is half metal, Parnell has to inflict massive pain on himself to fight, and the amount of pain the MONSTERS must feel…I can see Matthew liking pain being common in his universe. Don’t hurt me, sir. D:

It was actually described, at one point, as feeling like having broken glass and napalm in your veins. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can’t be any worse then stepping on a Lego, right?


I wouldn’t know, never stepped on one. :stuck_out_tongue:

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11/10 would not recommend again

Broken glass is fun to step on though, right?

I personally prefer rusty nails in a head wood coffin

Yeah, those’d feel nice.

Oh god this thread is gonna turn into something awful :s

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You’d know, Moira?

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