How much time have you spent on this game?


I am just interested on how much time all of you forum dwellers actually spend on this game.
So far i have spent almost 400 hours and there will be more to come :smile:
Type how many hours you have spent so far.


Ahhh too many x,x


but how many??


507 hours , surprisingly


@Shin Go on. Wow the crowd with your insane amount of hours clocked.


I have over 2700 matches played


Is there a way to count custom matches played? I spent the majority of my time with pre-mades.


They do count.

Just look at your Steam profile.


Im hovering at 300 :\


OF COURSE! It’s going to be 169 hours JUST as I look at it…


I’m at 440 hours on Steam but 100 hours on the leaderboards.

Guess who likes to AFK in the menus!


If you play customs, I don’t believe Leaderboards reflect that. As well as this, many people had progress wiped.

My time says I’m at 1001 hours in Steam. This includes wait times for all of my custom games as well (getting my friends to log on and such. Madgreek/his friends sometimes made me wait 5-10 minutes between games…). I tend to hate MM though, it’s not something I tend to enjoy very much. Overall, I tend not to AFK in Evolve, but I still have to wait for matches and stuff. They need a way to properly track all played games/times. I don’t consider either Steam, nor Leaderboards to be a useful tracking system.

My high play time, is because I literally don’t do much else other than games and such.


its just an estimate we dont have to be picky cause you have spent 1001 hours in the game though it is not “in” game


I don’t play nearly as much as I did before. I usually only log on to play with friends now. I used to have like 6 people that would alternate, and they had friends as well. They moved out of the game, due to low playerbase/bugs.


:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: so much sadness


Eh, I’ll be around for a long time yet. Evolve is my favourite game right now, it replaced World of Warcraft for me.


Around 420 hours in the game
~660 Matches


6 more matches. ^.-


I have 336 hours according to steam anyway.


370 h couldve been more but the balancing and no ranked mode ruined it for me and my team.