How much of a ****show am I in for as a returning player


Ok, so I platinumed Dark Souls3 last week just finished UC4 and am finding myself in a lull of gaming till No Man’s Sky comes out next month.

I played a ton at release and then off and on really till the release of lennox. Elited her, came back to elite Jack and game has pretty much been shelved since then.

I was probably better than average, far from excellent but decent enough. How much have the mechanics/balancing changes shifted the base game over the past 6 months? I’m pretty much going to have to relearn things anyway + the new monster/hunters, am I just going to be stomped by the community that’s still around constantly? I’m fine being stomped, it’s how you learn and typically a community that sticks around wants returning players to keep the game alive and as such aren’t too toxic. In my experience toxic players game hop rapidly. I think I’m at the bottom of the rankings, anyway. I believe those were released, I came back to check out the changes and got stomped to the bottom, lol.


You can read up on changes here if you like.

Here are some of the future changes coming in the next big update. These are primarily map changes.

And here is where a lot of reveals for the big update.


Yeah, I’ve been reading up on all that but honestly the only one that really resonates with me is all the hunters having the dome ability. Obviously, a pretty major change.

Since I haven’t played in quite a long time I’m trying to figure out if the game has been made more accessible or if I’m going to be a bloody pulp by being basically a beginner again at Level 40 surrounded by a community of veterans that has stuck around for so long.


With the update coming soon, you should find the game easier to pick up and play.


If you’re rusty it ls going to be hard for you right now. So either jump in and get happily murdered or if thats not your thing stay tuned for the official update Evolve TU9.0 or 1.0 as the devs started calling it.

Its practically going to be Evolve 2: Electric Boogaloo by what we been seeing.


I’d wait until TU9 drops to really make an effort to relearn the game, as everything is going to be turned on its head in a month or two.


Like a lot have just said above relearning it right this instant would be a slight waste of time because some time in the next 3 months I would guess TU09 will be released. This will be such a large adjustment that everyone will be relearning certain areas however knowing what the game is now will not do any harm in helping.


Is there any benefit to eliting the chars I haven’t touched since I stopped playing?

I did it for the first 4 tiers of hunters/monsters and lennox/jack but now need emet/kala/gorgon and the new versions of t1/met goliath/elder kraken.

I thought I read there were some mastery changes but a search doesn’t show anything. Thx


True. I’m not a returning player rather a new one. Playing for 2 months now and it can be a real cluster****. Most of the time I play against higher ranked players (me as monster) which makes it hard to win or seeing the mistakes when losing a match. I do hope the new patch brings new players and makes matchmaking (with similar skilled players) work again.
Right now it can get pretty frustrating very fast, especially as monster.


that it can. It took me months before I truly understood monster.


Any validity to my mastery query? Still worth levelling outside of the extra skins/badges?


I know masteries are being changed, but it hasn’t been said exactly how though.
So really, it’s up to you if you want to devote the time to finish them. Or you can get a friend and boost them to get them done faster.


Yes, you won’t lose any of your mastery’s and so gaining more would be useful. I would think a lot would rage if their mastery’s were taken away since it takes so much time to get them.


Thanks, I think I’ll just focus on maxing masteries in solo arena/defend then and relearning the game with everyone else when the udpates hit.