How Much Keys For Behemoth?


So, while Behemoth is out of the shop, can I get some info for how many Keys it costs? I want to know how much to save so I can pick him up when he is re-released


You acknowledged that he’s being worked on. Founders get Bob for free, so I don’t think anyone knows right now other than @LadieAuPair :tara_knows:


@The_Specialist Founders only get him for free if they had bought him pre-f2p


I think he’ll be aound 6000/6500, I already have Bob but I don’t know the price. I just think that he’ll be around 6000/6500 silver keys.


I am 100% positive that’s what I said :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh my god is that how much they all are around?


You left out the part where I said that they only get him for free IF they bought him before the game became free to play


Yup, most of them are 6500, but the more expensive are 9500



Meh, ive only been playing a couple of days and I’ve already bought two monsters 6500 and one 9500


Nice :slight_smile: I made an extra 3,000 in only a few games (Thank god for Double Key Weekend)