How much health are you willing to lose for a strike?


I see a lot of monsters hanging around faaaaar too long to get a strike on the medic/support.

However, at a stage 2 or 3 fight, this strike holds a ton of value and can often result in a win, since the medic or support is that much easier to down.

So my question to you is: How much health are you willing to lose for a strike on the medic/support? Where is the balance of staying or cutting your loses and running?

This can of course differ per monster. Goliath can maybe hang around longer while Wraith may want to run away as soon as possible.


Three bars is my max, generally. If it’s a particularly vital strike, I’ll push it to four, but anything more is not worth it. As monsters with Goliath level health, anyway.


As Goliath, Kelder and Meaty I try to leave if I lose two bars or so. If its a Laz, PParnel, Hank or Sunny you bet your ass Im gonna drop 3 or 4 bars for that strike. Maybe even a little more if they already have one strike, because I feel there is just so much value in going into a stage 2 or 3 fight with people already at 2 strikes.

As Wraith, if I didnt get the strikes while I was in the Dome, I will disengage and try to set up a better ambush somewhere else.

As Kraken I will leave as soon as the Dome drops if I lost it, but I will fly backwards lobing Lightning and Banshee Mines to clean up anybody still at low HP.

Keep in mind this is all dependant on how much HP they have once the Dome goes down. Even high value targets arent worth it if they are still at full.


My max generally is 2 bars tops but there are some times i feel that i wont win unles i strike someone so sometimes it goes way past that. Mostly it just depends on what my stage is. Id rather lose as little as possible until I’ve staged up


I differ. Generally anything from no HP to sacrificing my entire HP depending on my stage.

Stage 1 I’ll gladly sacrifice all but one bar for a down on Medic, Support, or Trapper really. After that it gets exponentially more conservative.


I’ll only lose 1-2 bars at maximum before I’m gone no matter my stage. The only time I’ll stick around for a 3rd or 4th is if I am close to getting a strike on a hard-to-down character. (So Medic or Assault)


Preferably none. When facing off against a downed Hunter, I always fight from a distance, and usually with hire ground so I rarely end up taking health damage.


None.I get as many strikes possible before my armor goes down,then i just traverse around the dome,channel and eat.With the dr perks its quite a safe method

I do prolong the game unecessarily but meh


Although I don’t play Monster a lot I want none lost, when Armor is broken I run away ASAP


if i get a strike yay, if not imouttahere