How much have you changed your playstyle with new patch?


It’s still early, I know, but with all the changes and balancing some characters and game mechanics are vastly different than before. All that requires some adjustments in playstyle.

As someone who mostly played Maggie I was using Jump hight perk quite often recently. With recent jetpack changes I feel like Jump hight does nothing. I switched to reload speed because Maggie’s harpoons got slowed but after few games I got used to them being slow and got bit better with placing them so right now I am sticking with damage reduction because:

  • with fast domes you are pretty much quaranteed a dome even without various mobility perks. Yes, they are still useful for evading monster’s attack but the jetpack is making everything harder. It’s going to take me a bit more to get used to jetpack, but for now I feel like combat perks are a way to go.
  • since jetpack is what it is, I pretty much gave of on trying to avoid every monster hit, damage reduction keeps me alive just a little bit longer so the medic and support can get me.

Well, that is untill I figure out a better perk for Maggie. Maybe I’ll try quick switch next so I can empty clip into monster, throw harpoon, empty clip, throw harpoon, etc. Maybe try play Maggie more combat oriented, like I play Abe.


I can (sorta) use Torvald, again. His Mortars aren’t as infuriating.

I still don’t see why they didn’t just nerf his original damage.

Markov doesn’t feel as terrible.
Bucket sounds really good, now.
Sunny needs her range given back.
Hank still needs a nerf.

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For me, it’s mostly just a minute or two of waiting. I do play in a party of 4 so I pretty much skip the finding hunters part though.


We played with Bucket and Torvald and actually won. Against a kraken. To which we lost before with Caira and Hank. lol

This update changed a lot!


Haven’t changed at all really. Haven’t played monster yet though


Well I have had to completely change my Medic playstyle because I’ve gone from playing Laz/Val to Caira, and gone from using Capacity on Caira to Reload. It affects my playstyle in numerous ways, it’s difficult to adapt sometimes. >.<

As a Monster, it just means I can be much more aggressive and it’ll pay off sometimes. :smiley:


yes, i’m a monster and must say, bucket is value!


Heh, I still pretty much only play Caira, the capacity nerf kinda forced me into only using reload which is too bad because I liked both. Other than that nothing has changed for me :stuck_out_tongue:


My Hyde’s all the same.

My wraith though, cant play Sky wraith because of the traversalling bug.


I am now The Jackal

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im a whole new monster :slight_smile:

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