How much does the evac handicap affect the game?


I’m just wondering how much stronger/weaker the monster and hunters become with the evac handicap and what it goes up to with all 4 bars yellow?


That isn’t a handicap- each time you lose, you get another orange bar, and those are all buffs, making you a little stronger each time.


It’s either damage resistance, or damage bonus for the loser of the last round… Not sure specifically though, I never play evac, and have not heard anyone confirm what it actually is.


Is both damage resistance and damage buff and when it goes all 4 bars it makes you super strong, like at the end match, it insane for the other team, specially for monster when the hunters have the auto-balance on their side.


It buffs the mammoth birds, allowing them to 1hko a full armor, full health behemoth. Turrets are equal to all 4 assault classes firing on you at once, a thin line is then formed for the hunter between human and god, the monster begins to wonder, “what is life?” As the beastly prowess gets diminished to the threat of a carrion bird. Thats how it affects the game my friend.


Hes right about the part where the hunters are like gods, it increases their damage 10x (not literally but it sure does feel like it)


It’s pretty well 35-40% dmg and resistance by max, maybe a bit more. It gets pretty rediculious. Double buff stacking with buffs.


Its the main reason that i hate evac


It makes the player or players that lost the last match more damaging and able to take damage. It’s so either monster or hunters don’t lose everytime.


I believe it’s a health boost for the Hunters, damage boost for the Monster.

I’d be interested in the exact percentages gained each round as well. Perhaps a dev could inform.


Its defiantly both a damage buff and resistance buff as I can tell when fighting bad hunters who are all of suddenly so much stronger and at the same time my abilities don’t do nearly as much damage, I am just wondering the % on the buffs


The autobalance is nothing but damage, it does not give resistance.

In an evac i played as behemoth for every round, won every single one except for the defend match. I had full health when i started attacking the last generator and i had to go back for more armoir like 7 times just trying to destroy the gen. The timer was almost out so i ran in with full armour to destoy it with its 1/4 health left, i ended up losing with the gen at a tiny little sliver.
Everytime i went in after getting full armour i lost all my armour in 2 mortar vollies from torvald. In the end the hunters and i agreed that the only reason they won was because they had 4 autobalance giving them crap tons of damage


The difference between doing 60% of a hunters health vs barely 30% is blatently obvious. It makes caira pretty brutal. It’s why I rarely take wraith for later stages of autobalance because one damage ability gets neutered extremely hard by autobalance unless it’s defend where hunters arn’t the target.


Well even if it does affect health it still amps up there damage alot


Well the hunters doing more damage to the monster the monster doing less damage to them is technically a resistance