How much do the monsters weigh?


The monster fall/ drop speed has gotten me into a lot of trouble in fights, and when trying to flee. i assume that they weigh TONS, especially the behemoth. so my question is this; why do they fall so slowly? they float to the ground. Is it the gravity on shear, or is this just an overlooked bug?


Wraith does because she floats, Kraken probably because he gots magics
Goliath and Behemoth however…im not sure


Its a mechanical design, not a bug.


Changed Category from Bug to General…


so its not a glitch then?


could you elaborate?


You all need a new category of “It’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.




I would assume its gravity, because if you jump, there is a time where you float.


why is it considered a “feature”?


You mean acceleration?

It’s because it’s intentially a part of the game.


Yes, but why is it? thats what i meant to ask.


its a feature no doubt, Cryengine 3 has a value for “gravity” the speed at which the monsters fall was defenitly intentional in every regard, a programmer had to have set a custom value, and yes, as far as i know, every monstre does have its own custom gravity value, the krakens was tweaked about eleventy six and a half times becuase of the crowd control issues it use to have.


thanks, but that dosent explain why the goliath, meteor goliath, and of all monsters the behemoth float to the ground instead of falling with an enormous sound.


Because it’s a video game?


yeah, that’s not a valid answer.


There are more but I couldnt find them.


it wont enlarge, so i cant read it. where did you get this?


How much do they weigh?

Enough to break the ice

Also, unless Shear has widely different gravity, the fact that the monsters most likely weigh a lot doesn’t mean that they should fall faster.


Yeah, it is.