How much content has been released so far compared to the actual game?


does anybody have any idea how much content has been released compared to the game at the moment, im sure not anybody can answer that so maybe a dev could answer like if the games content was 100 percent have you shown us like 20 percent of it? or 10? or 50? im not sure if you could answer that but that would be cool, thanks


Well the one thing we know for sure is there are further gamemodes and another monster. I am assuming this info will come out soon


more game modes, about 12 maps compared to 2 we have seem, 3 monsters we have seen 2, and 12 hunters we have seen 8.


Also worth mentioning we haven’t seen many perks, skins or “upgrades”. It says on the Evolve website you can unlock those but I don’t really know what they could be.

With each map comes new wildlife, plants and dynamic weather effects. So there’s still a lot we haven’t seen if you take that into consideration

Plus, @Matthew has said each characters has about 1,000 lines of VO (if I remember correctly), so there’s still all of that to hear


Are you sure about new wildlife for every map? There may be different combinations of wildlife, but I feel like I read something recently about the # of models they have for wildlife and it doesn’t seem like enough for each of the 12 maps to have their own, distinct wildlife. Which is fine with me. Just clarifying.


I think so. I’ve seen somewhere that every map has at least one unique creature, might need the devs to clear this up for us


Ah, that could be the case. But I’d be surprised if EVERY creature was unique to each map. That’d be a lot of work in pretty much every part of making the game (concept, modeling, animation, etc).


Yea a lot of creatures appear on other maps, mostly contingent on climate of the map. I’m not sure about the amount of unique creatures per map though, that’s better for @MacMan or @SlabOMeat


That’s good to hear, there’s a lot of potential wildlife that could be added then. Do you know if there there certain creatures that will be commonly reoccurring? Like the trapjaws for example.


So far, Trapjaws, Reavers, and Mammoth Birds have been shown to be in multiple maps :slight_smile:


Given Trapjaw’s very specific role of chasing Monsters off their kills, they exist in all maps. Same for scare birds, circling birds and Spotters. The Chomp plant exists in all environment types.


There are a total of 12 hunters and 3 monsters (not including potential DLC) and I think there is an extra monster for a pre-order bonus.


It seems that maps will have the same wildlife except for the major neutral predators on that map (on the jungle map we had the giant sloth and the “tyrant?” and we have the mega mouth and that other thing on this damn map


The pre-order bonus will allow you to get the first dlc monster for free. The game will ship with three monsters, but this bonus lets you get the fourth monster for free whenever TRS finishes making it. One heck of a pre-order bonus if you ask me :smile:


Any hints as to how many different climates there are??? :slight_smile: I’m really hoping for a frozen (do you want to build a snowman?) map where the monsters and wildlife have adapted coloring. Would be pretty sweet.


That may apply to some maps, but I saw a Crowbill Sloth on the Distillery.