How Monster players can give new hunters a better game experience


There’s a small influx of new hunters on PC from a recent Steam sale. I’m hoping a lot of them get through the learning curve and stay. I’m not saying to lose, just saying to not make the game boring for new hunters.

Don’t flee til three please. Get to S2 then attack. Nobody wants to play a game where they never see the Monster until S3 then the 15 minute match is over in less then 2 minutes.

Don’t sneak at the start. New hunters don’t know the feeding routes, don’t know likely places where you will be, and most likely won’t be able to kill you when they do find you. So let them find you and then kill them instead of playing a running/hiding simulator until S3.

Sometimes I don’t wipe them right away when I can. Get a couple strikes at S2 then run away. There is a difference between playing with your food and playing a match though, find the happy median.

Play the monsters that you are not at your A game with. I’m a Behemoth main, so I don’t play Behemoth vs new hunters. I try out the other monsters that I won’t choose when going against a premade of experienced hunters.

In short don’t drag out the match to S3 unless you need to. Engage and engage often. End the game with a win sooner rather then later in an excitement filled match hopefully.


Alright. Rolf stomp at satge 1. Got it.


Made me lol not gunna lie.


Pretty much what I’ve been doing. I had some guys say something like “Hey we did pretty good, this guy is ranked really damn high” as I went ham on assault and let val and hank do their thing so my health started to drain away nicely. It gave them a decent match and hopefully they picked up some skills along the way and will stick around :smiley:


I rarely play outside of customs at the moment. I can’t hold back for nothing. If I was playing a pub and it was chuck full of noobs, I would go ahead and play a troll build like 3 pt spider traps on Gorgon and just do the old point and laugh while I watch the spider scuttle around with the player inside of it…


IF anything, they should try out different monsters that they are bad at. They might know maps, but it’s all on equal ground for everyone. Don’t wreck them with Behemoth cheese or Kraken.


Gonna have to disagree. If you go light against a mix team of novice and veterans the veterans will throw a fit and start yelling. Then they blame the new players as dead weight and the cycle repeats. Most of the new players are just curious but unfortunately just hop into pvp thinking this game as any other shooter without doing research. Which i wish they locked pvp until the player finishes evacuation mode successfully.


Nice post, I too hope if you’re playing monster and see it is a bunch of new players that you give them stage 1 and stage 2 fights. Don’t take buffs, and if you see one person on the team is experienced then take that person out first rather than the newer one.

Might be a good time right now to try monster if you haven’t played it much before too :wink:


The people that have a problem in this scenario are the vets with a short fuse. I can attest from experience that the game is much more engaging for new players when you don’t go all pub stomp on them, I get much better voice chat when not destroying hunters at stage 1 who seem to be new.

Let’s not forget, once those hunters have a strike each then the game will eventually go your way as monster, so don’t rush it and don’t draw it out. :slight_smile:


Just tell this “veterans” to eat buffet of crap


I played against some (I believed to be, based on their level and how they played) newer folks this morning.

Kept getting Monster, but I’d throw them a bone now and then. Simple, subtle things that just look like player mistakes.

  • I ignored downed Hunters unless the next guy I went on was fighting me on top of them, so they easily got each other up
  • I left Cloaked Supports/Hunters alone, for the most part. If they were the only viable target, I’d stay on them, but if Medic popped back up, I’d get on them, instead.
  • Punished lone roamers (Luckily that only came up like… once. They stuck together or at least in 2’s after that) during the Stage 1 Hunt

They were actually pretty good, all things considered. They didn’t rage at each other when I was a Hunter with them, they communicated in game, and asked quite a few questions of me. Was great working with folks who actually wanted to learn, even if we still lost most our matches (When I wasn’t Monster that is) :slight_smile:


Had a lobby full of under lvl @20’s that ran laz
I kept killing everyone but Laz for super long engagements to give them a action packed match that gave them lots of experience in fighting. Let them pick the monster to fight via messaging as well. I figured this was a good balance for both sides.


Ive been playing more Goliath and staying till stage 2, although I still win at half my health, it hope it gives them some hope that they CAN win if they keep working on improving.