How many times do you restart Evolve in a single session?


Because of crashes, infinite loading, leaving a hopeless game, etc?

I’d say I do it anywhere from 5-10 times for every hour I play.


once or twice. when the dam hunt mode decides to go nest or defend. then we vote. if the vote doesnt pass or WORSE it goes to ANOTHER rescue or defend mode. we leave.


Never, I haven’t crashed since the Behemoth first came out. What’s up with your rig man? PC or console?


Just had the game take excessively long (over 5 minutes) to load a match after character selection. This is after being put in hopeless matches 3x.


Once or twice.


More than all the other games I’ve played in the last decade combined.


Happens to me a lot. My game will crash and send me to xbox home screen and close my game, disconnect, or freeze when I’m playing Behemoth which happens at least 5 times a day. And it’s been like this since March. I honestly doubt the devs are working on it at this point if it’s been going on for more than 2 MONTHS!!!


Probably about once every ten sessions or so.


Every game I am playing at the moment, as it disconnects every game so far today.

It is an absoulte joke right now!


Once this week. Medlab just closed out of nowhere. Rarely ever have issues.


On pc i hardly ever have to restart, on ps4 however i have to do this around 5 to 7 times in a two hour session between the game freezing and the “you have to be logged into psn to use multiplayer features” bug despite still being both online and still chatting with my friends. Seems to happen most when i back out of a lobby.


Uh, today? About thrice. Once was because Steam decided to do maintenance though.


More than I care to admit…


It crashes maybe once a week. Maybe.


You’re an Xboner though, you guys have less thingymahthangs, right?


Haven’t had any crashes or anything to dictate a restart since like month 1


i’ve owned evolve since launch, and it has only closed itself on me twice, and hasn’t happened in months. had an issue with wildlife kills falling through the map for a while, but it seems to have been fixed.

have yet to experience mostly everything reported around here.


Topic doesn’t say PC only. :stuck_out_tongue:


xbox and three times usually


1 to 2 times an hour.