How Many Sound Spikes At A Time?


The title says it all. How many sounds spikes can you drop before they start despawning? I heard there is no limit but I just wanted to confirm.


5 is the most of any place able object banshe mines sound spikes harpoon traps etc


That’s disappointing. Its a big map for only 5 sound spikes


Just need strategic placing


The sound spikes actually have a very large radius. Five is enough.


That’s what makes them balanced. Five is quite a few and if you place them in certain spots, you cover a pretty large area, like chokepoints and whatnot.


Shoot, if you watch any games that show the end of match summary replay, it shows when mobile arenas go down. Sound spikes cover the same area that a mobile arena does so take the circle shown and imagine 4 more of those same circles scattered around the map. All of the sudden it starts to look a little overpowered lol


I just thought it could be quick and useful on Dam to just sprint straight up the river placing them the whole way. May not know exactly where the monster is but you’d be notified every time he crossed from one side to the other. He can creep by them but no one creeps back through the open area in the middle and the river hides tracks so more than not you’d get a ping


Actually if you look at the most recent live stream from TRS, one sound spike on the Jungle map pretty much had like half the map covered… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, those sound spikes are going to be wonderful for tracking down sneaky monster players like @PeirsPryce. :slight_smile:


SHHHH!!! :fist: You will give away my position :stuck_out_tongue:


They don’t go off if they’re sneaking though. That does beg the question though. I believe they get triggered when you ‘attack’ wildlife, but do they trigger if you ‘sneak pounce’ attack? @macman might know perhaps?


I see. Five seems like enough. I didn’t know the area was so large. I thought he had to walk over it like harpoons/mines. Thanks for the info.


Good question. I’m not entirely sure. Something for @MrStrategio to test.


They will not trigger if you can pounce something very close to your initial lunge point. There’s a point in the pounce animation where you physically lunge forward and that will trigger the sound sensor. So when I go to stealth hunt, I make sure I approach wildlife from behind so they don’t start running, then pounce them when I am directly behind them enabling me to grapple them without lunging too far forward for the sound sensor to get triggered. Sometimes though, this eats up some extra time for me waiting for them to be in the right position to grapple just to ensure it’s a silent kill.

Griffin Balancing?

Does that mean, sound spikes aside, that if the lunge part of the kill takes place you leave tracks for like 5 feet?


Don’t think you leave tracks, you just make noise


Dang, I thought sound spikes wern’t going to be that great but know I know better. After some Griffin videos those sound spikes work well if placed statically around the map.


Ya, you’ll leave tracks after the lunge forward, which is also why I like to grapple close to wildlife so I don’t leave a trail during my silent kill.


Do all the creatures have a different radius with which you can sneak up on them? If it varies, does it ever change based on your size/Evolution Stage?