How Many People do you all think we'll Lose when Witcher 3 comes out?


Since some game by the name is Witcher 3 is coming, and I hear constant ads, discussion, comments, etc.

How hard do you think Evolve will get it…


Can’t afford to buy new… so…

Early adopters may switch out and the kidalinks will definitely drop off after getting something shiny. Then after a few months I’ll see the game on preowned and probably give it a whirl.

I think there will still be a core of gamers who’ll return or periodically play throughout releases of new titles.


Evolve is a multiplayer game while Witcher is a singleplayer game.
And remember that it is possible to like more than one game at a time.


Ya but from what I’ve seen, that game is EXPANSIVE.

And I figured anyone who invests 60 bucks or more, surely must be willing to play that a crap ton.


Meh. Witcher never phased me, so I’ll stick here.
Like glue.


I’ll be playing it, but I’ll also be playing evolve.


It’s okay to preorder Witcher 3, but a sin to preorder Evolve. Thank you gaming community. (But wait they’re giving out free DLC!!!) Looking at the Witcher 3 Free DLC is depressing. At least for preordering Evolve you got a free $15 monster.

Salt over.


ppl will leave. 100% witcher in like 2-3 weeks cuz ppl are crazy like that. then they will fall back to evolve. thats how i see evolve anyway. after i beat the flavor of the months games i wanted to play. I will always have 2 games to fall back and enjoy.

right now its evolve and mkx .


I’ll prolly spam Witcher when my friends aren’t online, but other than that Evolve will always be my goto game ^.^


Hated Witcher 2 so ima keep evolving


Yeah, I’ll probably disengage for about a week straight while I focus on the Witcher. If I don’t beat it by then I’ll starting switching em till I finish it. Then I’ll be back to Evolve. Nothing could truly displace this game for me. :smile:


how does one hate the witcher


except evolve 2 and maybe that could be more popular


The witcher one and two had terrible combat, and some people just didn’t find the story interesting. Witcher 3 looks great. I have a backlog of games though

And bloodborne>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.>…>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>++++++>≥≥>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>witcher.


thems is fightin words witcher 3 is gonna be off the chain


Well probably …but I’ll wait for now.


The witcher 3 seems interesting, but I’ve never played a witcher game before (what does a witcher do, “bewitch” people anyways?)

to those who have: Do you think that i could get into the witcher 3 without any previous knowledge on the plot / characters? Will it build on the events in the other two games?

I like the idea of a morally indifferent world, seems sort of inline as an artistic representation of reality nowadays

I’ m still gonna play Evolve because, as ive said elsewhere, there is nothing that can produce the same experience: It is a multiplayer game, but the maps are so extensive they also invite a sense of exploration as you get in many singleplayer games


I’ll be waiting to buy it used from craigslist or something. I haven’t even finished Bloodborne because of Evolve which is a big compliment given that my hype was immense before Bloodborne and I only got halfway through (I think lol).

Besides, I’m sick and tired of walking through shabby medieval Europe villages. It’s boring as heck. Give me vibrant Islamic Spain or even medieval Baghdad which was the first city to break 1 million in history. So much cooler.


Easily :stuck_out_tongue:
Just not my kind of game


They’ll lose plenty. I’m on the edge of going.