How many patches does it tale to fix a pothole? (A lighter look into the game's balance issues)


Excited that the other much needed balance patch os coming tomorrow. I really am. I do understand that some bugs take longer to fix because of the coding involved. Which can only comprehend how difficult it must be.

since a lot of people have clearly frustrated disappointed and upset with the time it takes between balancing patches. I thought I’d make this thread to take it a more lighter note.

What are yout funny game breaking balance related stories?

Have a cool comic strip?


My theory is that the reason patches take long is because patching consoles are a pain in the bum. Before they even charged you every time you did it, but I think they changed that with the newest “generation”.
I imagine it’s still a lot of paper work.
Yeah, they have released patches on just one console at the time, but tey are usually within 3 days of eatch other.
I don’t think they wan’t to release a patch if it’s not on all three platforms withing a relatively small timeframe.

Now, I also think they are terrified of breaking things again, and who can blame them? I mean, the recent Kraken issue is a good example for what a minor thing can end up breaking everything. They also have to deal with balancing, because some hunters have a normal win rate but is very powerful, just because majority of people have no idea what they are doing with the character.

We also have the Wraith incident. We know they have had a fully function able Wraith for ages, probably years, but no-one at TRS released she could dome dodge, abuse decoy to run away and so on.

However, why would they not allow the community to beta test, that’s the real question. I mean, it’s probably hard to do on consoles, so it would be best to do it on PC, but then the console users would complain, but that’s it. I’d love a proper changelog thread(no, not the telemetry thread) that is updated often and used as a dedicated place to discuss changes with the community.

I’d really love some proper communication between the devs and community on what’s currently being worked on, updated on a ~daily basis.


Ah, but they do let us beta test… Well… Some of us anyway. I know Insane521 got invited to the Turtle cave to help them test out some secret stuff.




I’m surprised as to why I’ve never seen the balancing changelog here. Maybe the changelog is in the game’s website. XD


I second this. O.o


Some Hunter characters have normal win rates but aren’t all that powerful, so it goes both ways; win rate just isn’t the most important metric in a game designed around asymmetry.

We still haven’t seen some fairly fundamental issues addressed with characters available since launch - to this day Caira is the only Medic used competitively, and the reasons for why most of the Medic class isn’t viable haven’t changed. Bucket has some of the highest damage potential out of the Support class, but you’ll never see a serious team pick him over Cabot (unless it’s just for fun) for reasons that have been the same since the first balance update. I have a feeling the proposed changes to Sunny’s Jetpack Booster aren’t going to be quite enough, for the same reasons Val is only now getting a slight buff to her personal healing, Bucket has only received small damage & range buffs, and it could be weeks until Behemoth’s Rock Wall is the reliable ability it should have been when he first went live - they heavily weight certain telemetry data that leads to both over-nerfing & under-buffing.

The varying levels in player skill and coordination that lead to vastly different gameplay experiences between PuGs, premades & competition skew the raw data. The game shouldn’t only be balanced for competitive play, but viability in competition is a far more useful benchmark than win rate in public games.




Patch is coming out tomorrow? Can I have a link please?