How many of the haters have made fake forum posts and topics? "horrible resets again" is a fake post


Since they made accounts to negatively review the game isn’t it possible that some of these threads complaining about problems are fake? Not all obviously. But the language of some of them gets me suspicious like the one that said they had two resets and then said evolve had day one dlc. His only previous posts are complaining and saying evolve has $100 of DLC. I call BS


I agree some people may be exaggerating and getting mad and shouting abuse at the game, but the resets are a real thing. Luckily i was only lv 4 when it happened to me, but it is very frustrating. It doesnt do any good shouting abuse at 2k though, who are trying to fix it.


Well yeah the resets are a real thing and its damn frustrating.I remember in Alpha and Beta was like 25 level and got resets like 2 in Alpha and 1 in Beta.And i had to face 1 level people again.It was REALLY frustrating.But honestly what could i do.At least i let them know back then and now i have no problem on PC.Guess on xbox back then nothing was happening and its the first time happening now on release.So they need to find the problem and fix it.Just hang tight


They are real I know but looking at some of the posts makes me sure that some people simply made an account to fill the forum with fake ones as well so it looks like the game is a mess


well the resets are not BS Ive witnessed it, 2 of my friends were level 11 and 12 and they had everything reset on them and they didn’t start playing until after launch. It seems to be an issue with the custom game mode. both of them were playing custom and were either kicked or they accepted an invite to another game and their progress was completely reset to level one and they lost their unlocks.


Yea dude maybe, but I feel like the one you referred to was just a kid who got reset and was really mad


I know they’re real but be vigilant for fakers


honestly I could care less what people say about the game, the game is amazing, but the bugs are catastrophic right now.