How many moons does Shear have?


I was looking in the sky and counted 2 giant moons and 1 small moon there might be more but I was on the rush in the match


Wow, never thought to look


Shear has 4 moons I believe. Check this thread out. Pretty cool, forgot it existed to be honest.

It’s a very old thread, but the lore should still be the same. :smile:


and whats shears natural sky color on top of that it was red when I looked at it but it looked like a sunset time on that level


Here its clear sky. Dunno if you were curious


Not too sure. Never thought about the natural sky colour of shear before. :smile:

I’d say whatever colour the sky is on most of the maps with clear skies turned on. Can’t really be certain.


Fixed typo in title.


there was a typo in the title :confused: I didn’t even notice


You misspelled “how” as “Hoew”. Was minor, but it bugged me.


I didn’t realize it but Shear is spelt wrong

By the time you read the sentence it’s fixed, and don’t worry Albino that’s why you have use regulars ^.^


i cant English right now :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


Shear has four moons. From what I remember their names are Shear I, Shear II, Shear III, and Shear IV.

Edit: Thank you Void_omega.


Heh. What ever happened to shear III?

Edit: you’re welcome. :+1: