How many monsters will Evolve ship with?


will there be only 3 monsters in evolve or more? ive heard somewhere that there will only be 3 monsters and 3 sets of chars is that true? or if not please explain why ive heard that D:


This is indeed accurate. The game will be shipped with Goliath, Kraken, and a third Unknown monster. After that, more monsters will be released as DLC. The First DLC monster (#4) will be free when it is complete if the game is pre-ordered. There will also be 12 hunters at launch and 12+ maps.

Three may not sound like a huge number, but you’d be surprised! Take a look at the telemetry thread, you’ll see there are about 3,000 different character combinations at launch alone. This number will grow wildly with future DLC support.


wait so were gonna have to pay to have more monsters?


you are going to have to pay to play as more then the starting 3 or 4 monsters depending on whether you pre order or not. Pretty sure you could still play against a DLC monster that you haven’t bought. Certainly better then map pack DLCs that split player bases imo.


I’m surprised everyone gets surprised that trs is doing dlc characters you have to pay for. I thought this was incredibly common, such as in BL2, dragon age, any fighting game, ect


Not familiar with another player vs player $60 game that does something similar. All your examples are obviously very different genres.


Is it really different from games like bf that give dlc guns? While yes you don’t get many dlc characters in pvp games, how often are characters in vs battles unique from each other to begin with?


Fighting games do this a lot, and they are some of the most competitive games ever. They are probably the most player vs player games made.

They have one of the biggest gaming conventions/get togethers, EVO which is both a massive competitive tournament where players from around the world come play each other for money and fame amongst the community, as well as a place where fighting game devs can showcase their newest stuff.

They have no qualms with paid DLC characters as long as they are balanced and open to everyone to purchase. If they are not open to every one or aren’t balanced, they’ll be banned more than likely.

COD is a game played competitively and also has DLC weapons.

BL, another 2k game series has a bunch of DLC weapons and characters.

DLC, at least in a majority of the cases, is developed after the games are released, meaning they add more content that you couldn’t have gotten on day 1. This adds replayability and variety to those who are dedicated players, and often convince people who haven’t already to buy the games.

They have to cost money for the same reason the base games costs money; they take time, money, and other resources to make. Companies need to make that back and some profit as well, so they can pay themselves and their employees. This way everyone can win. The consumer gets new content for something they like, the producers get paid for giving the consumer what they wanted.


For DLC monsters and hunters you will have to pay to play as them, but playing with them or against them is free. Also, DLC maps will be free as well. The whole idea is not to split the community with DLC while still supporting the studio with it.


Are you sure about this? Because if true, that’s pretty great. I hate when the user community gets fractured across pieces of paid DLC (like in BF4 when friends bought any of the map packs, I just plain couldn’t play with them if I didn’t as well). I personally plan on buying the DLC for Evolve, but it’d be nice to know that if I do, my friends who don’t buy it will still be able to play with me!


He’s right, someone from the dev team mentioned this before. It’s a very good decision in my opinion and I’m glad it is happening


That’s great news! Very smart decision IMO. Nothing kills my enthusiasm for a game faster than DLC coming out and splitting my friends and I apart if one of us doesn’t have it.


I’m extremely skeptical about the prospect of DLC. Nothing is more annoying than knowing that extra content on disc is locked behind a paywall.


Personally I’m not willing to pay League of Legends amounts for additional content, but I’m certainly willing to give them an incentive for creating more.

No one wants to pay for a game, thats mostly multiplayer content, and then get charged through the nose to come close to the amount of content another multiplayer AAA title might bring for 60.


unless your capcom. then you release full games for 40$ and add 4 characters each year :,(((((


it does seem like the nickle and dime argument against F2P games is becoming moot with $60 retail games nickle and diming as well now a days.


It’s not nickel and diming.

Creating content costs money.


If you want content, someone will have to pay for it somewhere down the line.

As long as it isn’t like, $50 per character or something ridiculous like that, DLC is perfectly fine.


And? Lots of other games and companies need to make money. That doesn’t justify holding on-disc content hostage.


if it wasnt on disc. you wouldnt be able to play with other people who have it. I believe thats how Battlefield 4 dlc and older dlc worked. Your game can’t recognize what isnt there.


Where are you getting the idea that additional DLC monsters, maps, and hunters will be on disc? I agree that it’s pretty crappy to have on-disc things be treated like DLC (imo if they were ready to go when the game went gold, they should be on the disc), but as far as I know we’re talking about actual DLC that you have to download.