How many maps will there be at launch?


Just searched the forums and couldnt find a thread talking about the amount of maps int the game. I think 10+ would be great especially because the maps are pretty big.


It’s more than 12, although I’m sure it was confirmed somewhere that there are 13


I wonder how many of those are flat-out totally different maps and how many are just revisions of one of the others for different game modes.


That’s kind of a pessimistic view of the game …!


I’m sure they’ll all be different


We have announced that there are 12+ maps in the game, but I would venture to guess that the amount of maps, how they specifically change certain game modes, and any other goodies we may have up our sleeves regarding the “dynamic” nature of each will be exciting for everyone.


So a Game Designer post in my first thread here? Thats f****** awesome! Also 12+ maps thats great to hear, I think the maps are just as important as the monsters and hunters its like a triangle of death haha.

Thanks for the reply PT


A lot of Turtle Rock are on the forums, so you should see them a lot


Yeah thats something Im no use to on forums usually you just get the community manager and on rare occasions a developer. Turtle Rock was serious about listening to their fans on feedback, good stuff.


Can’t wait to see more maps. The two we’ve seen so far look great and highly replayable with how large they are.


I’m hoping the next one we could see is a snowy map. I think I’m looking forward to playing on that one the most


12 is quite good to start with, it will be quite a lot to learn. If player numbers are high enough it might be a good idea to start new players off with a smaller selection and unlock new ones with progression (although reasonably quickly). Do they all have different wildlife?


Hmm, I wonder if all the maps will be located on one planet or will we go to multiple planets. Technically Sky’s the limit, well, Universe the limit haha.

Would like to see at least a brief description of the locations we visit. Or maybe a commentary kind of like how Riddick described the planets he visited. I think it sets the stage and atmosphere,


Hypothetically there’s nothing stopping us from going to other worlds, but early on we decided the wildlife should all look related to each other. So when you meet a creature in the forest, you’ll meet something obviously related to it in the desert. Maybe the desert-adapted version is smaller, different coloring, different behavior or ability.

Some creatures are unique to each biome, but the fact that you can tell this creature is the tiny, firebreathing* version of this larger, docile creature means we’re stuck with one planet. No big deal, Shear is big enough, we could spent a hundred years here and not see it all.

*note: as far as I know none of the non-monster breathe fire. That was just an example.


Agreed, after Forest/Jungle biomes, Arctic/Snow is probably my favorite.


We’ve got desert and jungle so far, and I recall one of the developers mentioning snow as a weather effect, so presumably you’ll get your wish, @FrontlinerDelta.

I wonder what other environments we might get. A mountain would be neat, with the whole map slowly rising to a peak, with lots of paths on the outside and honeycombed caves going through the middle. A swamp could be cool, with lots of patches of water; might allow a stage one or two monster to hide in the murky pools for ambushes. Maybe a map set entirely in a cave system, alternating between narrow tunnels, huge caverns, and subterranean rivers and lakes.

There’s a lot of interesting potential.


The Jungle Ruins map is kind of swamp like, it seems to have shallow pools of water in a lot of places, hopefully we get more jungle type maps.

And the mountain idea sounds awesome with paths and caves while it slowly rises near the center. Very cool concept. And a map with a giant cave that has a lake in it, with small cracks in the ceiling letting in shafts of light. Yup, lots of great potential for maps, agreed.


While I do like the diversity in environments from an aesthetic standpoint I think what would be more impressive is interactive envrionments.

Theoretically speaking, what makes the icy cave differ from a regular cave? It looks purtty? OR is it possible as a monster to break a huge icicle and use it as a weapon that does more damage. Or hunters to shoot the icicle down on the monster.

That is the kind of stuff Im more interested in, the level of interaction between hunters, monsters, and environment. To me the star of the show should be the environments and ecosystems where the hunters are just guest, and the Monster is just a predator among many.


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There’s limits to what they can do with interactivity. You don’t want to devote too much processing power to stuff that might get seen in a map as opposed to stuff that almost certainly will. So, aside from terrain differences, the most dynamic elements we’re likely to see in a map are the wildlife and the weather.

I am curious what other weather effects we might get, though. Rain, snow, and fog are confirmed. Sandstorm? Volcanic ash? Flooding? Earthquake tremors?