How many keys do you need to buy everything in the store?


Founders vs new tamers, how many would they have to spend.


Ill have to do the math later, I’m not home atm.


dont forget the perks
havent found a way upgrading or studying them without being in a lobby


Yeah i had that too … is there really no option to look or upgrading the perks without beeing in lobby?


Only in a solo game.


Monsters and Hunters combined - Approximately 158,750~ keys.

Skins for Monsters - 51,000~, approximately.

Skins for Hunters - 40,800~, approximately.

Skins for Weapons - 53,250~, approximately…

Total of all = 303,800~, approximately. I’d wager you’d take a full one year of gameplay, playing each day, to get all of those things.


@Fremder2 @DarkWG The devs are working on a fix for this, probably in your profile section. :thumbsup:


To be fair, they did say you can get characters by completing your punch cards.


or if you already bought the game with all the dlc charcters you get them already unlocked


Challenges, leveling up, and daily bonus’ would probably help cut down on this time. On the other hand, new skins and adaptations being released would probably increase the cost. Hopefully it’ll be less grindy after the beta.


I’m hoping they make it slightly less grindy on release.


Considering the huge amount of keys we get, this game is far from grindy.

It has a fair share of grind every F2P needs to keep the players hooked.