How Many Days Can I Play Evolve Without Repetition?


Just from your standard edition launch Evolve disk/download, there is around 24.3 NON-STOP DAYS of gameplay.
Which to a competitive gamer, who plays around 14 hours a day, is 41.65 days of unique gameplay.
Which to a frequent gamer, who only plays 6-8 hours a day, is 72.9 to 97.2 days of unique gameplay.
Which to a casual gamer, who only plays 3-4 hours a day, is 145.8 to 194.4 days of unique gameplay.

Now here is the fun part, with the DLC of a 4th Monster and 4th Set of Hunters already announced, most likely within the first 2 months of release, that exponentially adds to the time. Even without the additions of any new maps the numbers above change to:

  • Non-Stop: 102.4 Days
  • Competitive Gamer: 175.54 Days
  • Frequent Gamer: 307.2 to 409.6 Days or 0.84 to 1.12 Years.
  • Casual Gamer: 614.4 to 819.2 Days or 1.68 to 2.24 Years

Now that was with no maps added during the first DLC, I estimate the number of maps to increase by 2 with the first monster and hunter set DLC’s which changes our numbers to:

  • Non-Stop: 119.46 Days
  • Competitive Gamer: 204.8 Days
  • Frequent Gamer: 0.98 to 1.3 Years
  • Casual Gamer: 1.96 to 2.62 Years


Ready for your mind to be blown? Ok, here it goes… These Numbers only include the Hunt game mode, if the other modes include the same number of combinations of Hunters, Monsters, and Maps, those numbers would be doubled, tripled and maybe even QUADRUPLED!!! Not to mention 5th, 6th and maybe even a 10th set of Hunters and monsters. With 10 sets of Hunters and 10 Monsters, even with only the 12 current stated maps for release, and just the Hunt game mode, that is a whopping 27.4 YEARS of NON-STOP UNIQUE EVOLVE GAMEPLAY!!!

I based my time unit on a conversion of each match taking an average of 12 minutes, which was based off the Developer’s Play Tests.


Woah, where are you getting these numbers from?
I’m a normal gamer and I only play around 2 to 3 hours in a single day


Lol, fair enough, I get those numbers from typical High School/College players :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll add another section for 3-4 Hours.


same here i think it would be hardcore 16, average gamer 6-8, and casual gamers 2-3. with my family i only get 2-3 now. although it used to be 16


Made an edit to include Casual Gamers at about 3-4 hours per day.


the last thing you cant factor is player skill. my goliath will certainly act different than urs will. but nice job dude i no ill be playing this alot.


Ya, these statistics are just different unique match ups on different maps, they have nothing to do with the AI generation and spawn points, the TONS of perks you can have pre-game and during, as well as the various play styles of each and every player…


Yup! This is the awesome thing about L4D and the reason it lasted so long for me and I think Evolve will be even better due to being designed around the versus element. Every monster will play differently, even if it’s the same monster the player controlling it might be 100% different than the previous one you fought.


Wow. Those are some impressive numbers.



I totally read that in his voice and all, too!


Completely agreed! L4D was indeed one of the best multiplayer experiences I recall (even the AI director made things interesting each time 'round for months on end), and adding different players to the mix only enhanced the experience. I liked how it was friendly to those who played with the same few people on a regular basis to spice things up.

As for the OP those are some very interesting numbers! Everyone has different tolerances however, and times can change here and there but what you did was rather intriguing! I’d like Evolve to be a game that stays on my game shelf for a few months, if not years, as I’m tired of playing games and having them done in a week with nothing else to offer that will sustain me. I reckon Evolve will succeed in giving me constant ever-changing challenge!