How many combinations are there?


I’m terrible with math, and I’d like to know how many hunter teams there could be, and an extra little side would be hunter teams agaist specific monsters, whihc I guess would just be multiplying by four. Please answer


1,024 comboes


This and that’s not including map, map effects and gametype


Yeah maps and such is much more


1,605,632 comboes if you factor game mode map effect and map. Including new maps btw


Didn’t include defend maps tho


That would get very complicated


It used to be around 800,000 before tier 4 and behemoth… This game feels complete now after their release and I’m really enjoying it.


I love this game so much you have no idea


I know Ive been grinding on character mastery and I’ve notice the ranking up system isn’t as broken now… Level 37 now.
Seriously TRS has made something really special lol


Ugh ikr I have a t shirt the book of the art of evolve and I’m on here all the time and the game obviously


Man I saw some evolve wristbands at target the other day and considered getting them, lol.
This was the first only game interesting enough for me to join its forum and even the forum is set up very nicely


They did a great job with the forum. I hate all the people who hate on this game just because it isn’t made by Treyarch or Activision


Or worse, EA :wink: people aren’t too well at adapting to a game that actually has some marrow in its bones. This game is beautifully designed, and captures the level of excitement that I used to get playing the old arcades as a kid. Always something exciting or a new strategy to think up. In CoD all the players had to do was duel world akimbo model 1887s/shotty


Insert shameless self promotion here:

I can rerun the numbers with the new hunters sometime. The effect should be exponential.


Yes please do


Thank you so much! Wow, that’s a lot of combos. Can’t wait to try them out.


in what math does 81 possible teams with 3 monsters equal 2916?

@killermiller that 1024 combos is with monster included right? I did the math and its alot lower than that with hunters only. since only 4 can be chosen at one “slot” its not a straight forward pyramid problem.


It doesnt.
currently there are 256 hunter combinations
1024 player combinations. (if you add monsters into the mix)


this cant be right. because of what i just said. you cannot do simple pyramid math. the reason being is that there will never be a team with hank + bucket. and you are just doing 16 x 15 + 16 to get 256. that is wrong.