How many baes does Torvald get for max silver&gold capacity?


Torvald is bae, mortars are bae. How many baes does Torvald get? With maxed gold he gets an extra one.


What even Azmi?


:expressionless: I don’t get it / maxed gold?


The perk being maxed out, or fully upgraded, on the third tier.


He’s asking how many mortars Torvald has with maximized silver and gold Capacity perks.



Y’know, I was gonna make a joke when I came in here, because I thought it was a typo, but then I saw the Gorgon profile pic, and I’m just like

#“Fuck dammit, Azmi.”


He would get two mortars since capacity always rounds down and gold + silver perks are definitely less than 60% capacity. The gold perk for capacity is 25% capacity, I’m not sure what % of capacity silver gives, but it is most certainly between 25% and 15%.


I 101% agree with you.