How many animals can Abe tag?



Just curious about this, there doesn’t seem to be a counter like for Markov’s mines or Maggie’s harpoons so can he tag as much wildlife as he wants?


Unlimited, yes


Ya, downside to this is you cant nab those 60m+ darts you need for elite skin when he eats them animals. ^-^


Woah! That’s crazy, I will still stick with Maggie cause of Daisy but damn that’s nuts.


When all else fails: Custom game, Dam, Kraken for anything ranged. :slight_smile:


Yes, it is pretty nuts since the tracking lasts for quite a while and if loads of animals are tagged then the monster is basically always tagged which is a bit OP.


It’s still pretty easy to do ^^ and if you have trouble just play Evacuation :smiley: on Defend you can get up to 10 or more in one round if you position your self good