How many active players we have? (Xbox)


I’m starting to wonder because I can’t seem to find good games anymore. ITS FRUSTRATING! :sob:
I might find a “good” game but after winning with monster the lobby just clears out. After this problem it seems like a nightmare to find players. This shit didn’t happen to me before. Now I find lobbys with low level players who have no clue what to do, so it’s not even fun to play! I can’t really find any games on hunt, just arena. (which sucks)
Is there any europe players playing? What happened to matchmaking? PLEEEEZ I want to find +30 level players, not level 1’s.
Oh and I’m having problems connecting with my friend. Didn’t happen before. Now it says “connection to host failed!” or something similar.

It’s easier to find games alone but for some stupid reason it connects me to these low-players. WHY! WHYYYYYYY.
I hope this game isn’t going to die. :grimacing:

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