How low can you go? 2:40


just jumped on them at stage one…


Vortex + Banshee Mines?

What were they? Level 1?


why would i use the other abilities at stage 1?

i can move and fire those, more importantly fly and fire. LS stops me whenever i activate it, so banshees and vortex are the only viable options for long range without sacrificing autoattack possible dps

and aftershock has no use as a ranged weapon

banshees just add to your autoattack and vortex, since you can also fire 3 banshees at once

LS is heavily overrated compared to vortex. i usually go 3 vort but only against val


Vortex and Mines are underrated. Those things can be difficult to utilize but brutal.


anyway, i feel like it shouldn’t be possible for either team to win in this time.


Oi dude i played against the 1st Kraken in my region in Leaderboards.That guy had 93/0 with Kraken.
He also only played Vortrex and Mines.That guy was killing us stage 1 for fun.


yeah i was just doing that with these guys haha - i’ve not been bothered to play that much yet, i don’t want to burn out.


There’s an achievement for winning in under 2:05

3.1% of people have got this (including me)


yeah im gonna try just getting armor then rushing at hunters soon. i decided to set up a cushy ambush that took about 30s in this round


I got the Invincible achievement. I don’t know my EXACT time but I will tell you it was under 2:05.

Twas funny, monster was obviously bad, and Markov mines+Damage amp=DEATH

Not even kidding you, one of those mines bumped with the amp is one and a half bars of health GONE.
TRS never nerf Markov’s mines. Please. They aren’t OP, they are easily destructible!


buckets turrets are FAR more annoying than mines.

its the stupid noise combined with how spammy/hard to attack they are

at least you can attack mines easily enough


True, but for those turrets to be threatening you need at least 3 or more constantly firing at you.

One of those mines=GG no re. Eating all 5 of those mines is literally certain death.

All 5 mines under damage amp. You literally just won as the hunters. I’m not even exaggerating.


51 seconds, I even have it saved on the app.


That noise is really hitting on my nerves