How long will the Evolve big alpha last?


How long will the Evolve big alpha last?


4 days for xbox

3 days for the others


Ok thank you!



Not long enough


3 days is actually pretty generous. Remember it is a testing period and not a full release. Be patient, that day will come :wink:


Haha, I know, I’m just too pumped for this game xD


I am excited again as well. We had three days in the smaller Alpha test. I got in ten hours over that weekend. This time there are more characters and the progression system is turned on so it’s gonna get crazy!

Available Hunters/Monsters in Big Alpha

If i’m in the Alpha i expect at least 30 hours in 3 days.Perks of working in an Internet Cafe


Whoa! Let me know what you clock in at by the time it’s all said and done.

But stay healthy though. Don’t forget about food and sleep.


Awesome, I had no idea we would be getting new characters! Great work by the way!


To clarify, as compared to the previous Alpha test which only had Goliath and the first tier of Hunters, the Big Alpha has the first two tiers of Hunters, Goliath and Kraken (10 playable characters in all.) But it also has the progression system, which really hasn’t been seen or tested on a large scale yet. That system has been disabled at all of the shows so you all get to see and give feedback on something new. :smiley:


Don’t worry i love eating.Suprisingly i’m not fat.But yeah in 3 days 30 hours sounds good if the rigs here in the shop can handle it.


That’s very exciting! I’m excited to see the progression system in action!


Cool, can’t wait to see what the progression system is like! I never got a chance to play in the last alpha so it’s all new to me :smiley:


I expect we’ll need to make adjustments to the timings of things (what things unlock too fast, too slow, etc.) You all will be creating the data that we will base the real numbers off of in time for the beta!



I am pumped to see the progression system!



Is the match making system enabled as well, I mean skill wise?

I assume it made it into this build but I could be wrong and you could be talking about the progression system based upon the unlocked perks/weapon upgrades as you gain xp etc