How long to kill the relay


Hey,everyone,do you know how long to kill the replay from full health?


I think around 45 seconds?


@The_Mastermind Can you back that up?


its 40secs so Tom was really close



Thank you TM


I knew it was around that! Thanks.


no problem peeps

If there’s any more questions @gustshop feel free to ask me. otherwise go ahead and give a mod/leader the okay to close this.

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Do you know how long it takes from the time a dropship is “inbound” (characters respawned on it, etc) to when the Hunters have control over their characters?


8-13 seconds


yea, its about 10-15secs. whenever i see the dropship timer i always add 15secs to it while im playing


Why are we so quick to close threads around here immediately after the question has apparently been answered? What of someone wants to add something? Ask about what someone said? Discuss the topic a bit further because part ofi T caught their attention :stuck_out_tongue:

It ain’t hurtin nuffin lol


Well, only the OP can ask for a thread close unless it’s against the rules or there are duplicates, so Mastermind tagging was preemptive in case OP was looking for a close, likely to simply bring it to a moderator/leader’s attention rather than to immediately close it. For the very reason you mentioned, actually. It’s why mods always ask first.


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Phat chicks?

Expanation, perhaps?







Mammoth Birds are like phat chickens?
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