How long have you played


Simple. How many hours have you played Evolve?

41 hours of my life have been dedicated to playing this game so far.


Is it possible to check on PS4?


182 hours, give or take a few.

Do note, it’s my single most played game on steam


Wtf I want pictures no way in hell


I think @CptBoomBoom has 3000 hours…


Do note steam players, you have to look in game at your time played because on steam it tells you how long you have run the game, not played it :wink:


I would say here, but most of the time played is gonna be in waiting times so I guess that doesn’t count…

Like, on my steam it says I’ve played 12 hours yet in game it says that I’ve only played for an hour. So for one hour of play time there is 12 hours of wait time. TU09 better be good.


Yes go to your profile ingame by pressing L2 then go to global look next to time played, it’s in minutes, divide by 60.


Well, my in game tells me about 456 hours. You could probably double or triple that due to it not counting custom mstches.


I though it was in hours. Oh. Okay then.

Exact answer.

So I have 41 hours (2,500 minutes) played.


There you go oh my.


I think one problem with that though is that it it does noy show the time you have spent with custom games?

My hours acording to steam are 1578 hours but actually playing the game is propably something around 1000+ hours.


lemme find mine :wink:


Pictures!! :smiling_imp:


366 hours. The most of any game I own!


566 Hours so far, second only to Team Fortress 2.


0 Hours :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably less than 250 Hours is my guess


So 16729.13 / 60 = 278.81 so about 300 hours. If it doesn’t count customs, then add another 100-150 hours.

On steam it shows I’ve been running the game for around 600 hours. But I’ve spent about 1-2 hours on the forums waiting for quickplay games.


This caught my eye :eye:


Quality of life improvements it seems :slight_smile: