How long have you played evolve


NON EXAMPLE since febuary 2015
EXAMPLE 1400 hours

To find number of hours go to global In profile.

I have played for 1443.11 hours


Is that hours, or minutes? Steam says I’ve played 207 hours and the global stats displays 7,224 so the global must be showing minutes(And only counting the amount of time IN matches)

If you have truly played almost 1500 hours of Evolve, congrats that’s pretty impressive.


1,480h PC… Constanty going up :3


900hrs on evolve WOOO


I have about 1k but some of my friends have some…Rather high amounts.

I can’t seem to find Girthzilla on my list but I know he had like 2500+ hours in Evolve…Months ago. That was awesome. xD


Pretty sure its minutes in profile. My gamehub section says I’ve been on for 28 days (700 hours) while my profile/global says 11778.27 around (200 hours)

Another weird thing is my matches played don’t match up from gamehub to evolve. Evolve thinks I’ve played 1255 matches and game hub thinks I’ve played a thousand more than that.

Almost all my stats on evolve are lower then game hub. By about half. Weird.

I’m guessing its only counting forward from when my Info had been deleted a few months ago where as game hub has kept track from the beginning.


Well mine says 6804.74. IS that hours? If so then WOW.


I believe hours but might be wrong


Steam says 1259 hrs


Yep it’s hours, if minutes I would have play 24 hours but I know I played more
I played 60 days on evolve Woah


I’ve played Evolve almost daily since the day it came out, but it’s getting to be unplayable now. Every update continues to make Monsters more and more powerful and screws Hunters, especially in Defend. It’s ridiculous that the game begins with the Monster already at the generator. The sentry guns are beyond useless and get destroyed instantly and Hunters take WAY too long to respawn considering how little distance the Monsters have to travel.

Most importantly, Evacuation needs to be fixed so that it makes sense - the team that wins the majority of rounds needs to be the winner, not whichever team wins on Day 5. It’s absurd that one team can win four straight rounds, then lose Day 5 by a fraction of a second, and they’re considered the “loser” of the mode. UNACCEPTABLE.


I’ve been playing since Alpha, sure in had it ups and down with character balances, metas, and bugs… But still no other game provides such a level of enjoyment from winning the smart, competitive, gritty matches that exist in only Evolve (be it Hunter or monster)… Evac is a fun solo game experience, but not so much for multiplayer, well I like the idea of the consequences for losing or winning changes the map effects… But as the Devs already have stated, it just not fun in a multiplayer environment when the majority of the game mode rely on AI… THAT being said, evac isn’t the main focus of play for most Evolvers, Hunt is what people come to play (ranked or not)…

I do agree about how if you win on defend (day 5), you win the whole thing… It’s not a great concept… You throw the first 3 matches on purpose, then win day 4 (much easier now that you have the balance on your side) for the buff on defend map, and go ahead to win that as well


I’m a Xbone player with 43days 22hours 14mins (1,054 hours) into Evolve and counting :wraith:


Since before I was born.

Lol. In all seriousness, I don’t know


I rarely, if ever, play Hunt. It’s all about Evacuation for me. I have no friends with the game so I have to play with randoms, and Evacuation gives me a few games to figure out, “OK, this is what this guy is doing right and what he’s doing wrong” and I can adapt my strategy to work with the team.

Evacuation is the closest thing the game has to a campaign, and in my opinion fixing the problems with Evacuation should be the developers’ PRIMARY concern in regards to balancing.


For pc users: Theres 2 ways to observe hours. 1 is the amount of hours steam says youve been playing the game. This is wrong. This simply counts the amount of time youve had the game open. Those nights where youve been waiting 30+ minutes for a single match? Ya, that gets logged in there. Alt/tab and go out for dinner or forget about evolve as you were watching youtube? Counted there too. The other way is to check your profile, which lists time played- It does so as minutes. This is the more accurate time. For many “1337 evolve players”, this number may be heart breaking. You sound so much more experienced when youve played 1200 hours, instead of 300.


This doesn’t work either. As I have never played rank I would be listed as only having a tiny amount played when 90% of my games are custom.


Know it works for quick play as well as ranked- Never checked to see if it adds in custom. Dont believe it adds solo play, buuut. enh. Solo play lol


I don’t think it adds custom otherwise my number 1 played wouldn’t be Cabot :stuck_out_tongue:


pretty whimpy 340 hours for someone who’s been around since alpha, but I spent most of my time watching the game rather than playing it. One of my friends Matty A.K.A. Frozen Spinach A.K.A. Autoerotic Sympathy had the highest hours in game i’d ever seen. he’s had several LONG breaks and still has something like 1600+ hours in the game. I gotta respect the highly skilled players in this scene for willing to put in so many hours of getting their asses kicked.

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