How long does the DL take


I just preordered Evolve and im PUMPED TO PLAY it. its DL now but it has been 15 minutes and its not even at 1% does anyone know about how long it will take to dl at 170kbs just wondering because im overaly excited to play


Are you using steam? If so it should give you an estimated time.
If you want to do the math yourself the game is 26.2 gb


At those speeds, unless my calculations are wrong, I’d say it’ll you 48 hours to download the game plus the 3 GB patch.


170 kb/s ? Wow…that’s slower than me.

It’ll take you about 20-30 hours.


Can you even play online with that connection?


i have no problems playing any games maybe its just my dler for steam not sure. i use to play WoW and never had lag and i Play LoL with no lag at all is there anything i can do to speed this up


The biggest thing would be a wired connection, they’re always a plus compared to wireless.

For small things that might increase it just a tad, just simply don’t have much using your internet. The more you have going on, the less download speed you’ll have.


You can. Good ping only needs about 50kb/s


Wow. That is really amazing to me.


i did a speed test and my DL is 1.5 mbs so maybe its cause theres alot of people dling on steam right now so there servers r having a hard time… not sure but im not to happy that i cant play LoL while this DLs so my comp is off gaming limits for the next 34 hours and its a damn blizzard here