How long does "SOON" takes?


As Gentleman stated we will be getting new patch way sooner than usual SOON TM…

So anybody knows how long does usual Soon takes?


As long as necessary for the content to be ready.


But there must be some general lenght for Soon tm .-.


1.5-2 months is the usual soon afaik.


Soon in my books is like in a week or few days,in TRS heads that’s like 3 months lel


“Soon” for me is how long it will take Gaben to make half life 3.


Oh! That’s who Lord Gaben is okay


cheesus christus… Soon ==>> 42… the answer is number 42…


The entitlement is strong with this thread.

When talking about free content for your 1 year old product

Let the patience and maturity be with you


I’m guessing mid to late march with a preview of some of the t2 adaptation hunters along with it


Expect SOON to be in about late march. Maybe even later than that. I don’t mind though, The Division is right around the corner :slight_smile:


1 weak

Next Tuesday . Just a guess


Not like uber complaining here. I mean, I am a little bummed, sure. But I’m just wondering, what happened exactly? Like it went from soon to not really all that soon. I mean, I know there hasn’t been official word from TRS or anything. Why I’m trying not to blow it out of proportion or anything. Just wondering what could have set them back so far. :confused: Seems odd


My guess is 1 strong.


made my day :+1:


Either TRS is working like crazy to get this patch done and pushed out as quickly as possible, or they are taking some well deserved vacation time. There has not been as much activity from the Devs on the Thread and they have done minimal stream activity the past couple of weeks as well as skipping a challenge weekend and possibly a tournament. Those all indicate to me that they are quite busy at the moment. Even when the patch is done they will need 2 weeks or so to get the console manufacturers approval assuming they release the patch on all platforms at the same time, which they have done the past several times.


Using the Valve Time guide for reference, Soon ranges anywhere from 2 months (Engineer Update for TF2) to 9 years (Launch date for TF2).

Only 1 more decade until TU9 you guys!

(No but seriously, soon is whenever they’ll be ready. All we can do is hope that their sense of time doesn’t differ too much from ours.)


@GrizzleMarine video explains that they pushed the patch due to legal reasons or something like that.


oh yea I just watched it … did…did he really said that patch is pushed back for few months at 2:03 ? T_T please tell me my english sucks and that I heard it wrong or it does mean something else .-.


Nope. That’s what he said.