How long does it take to fix bugs


I love evolve and i know turtle rock has a lot going on but how long do u guys think its going to take to fix some of these bugs cause mainly the behemoth one is literally killing me. Im just dissapointed that i waited so long for behemoth just to get my butt handed to me


Depends a lot of things, but I imagine it’s gonna take about 2 weeks or 3 approx~. That the time it took to have the firsts patches to come.

I could be totally wong, maybe in some days. No one know :smiley:


I don’t know myself, but since they have a micro-patch thing set up it may allow for faster patches. Of course they haven’t put a patch up so I don’t know an exact ETA.


Now that the micropatching system has been implemented, the devs claim that they can patch very quickly.


:v:fingures crossed


Will we know if the games.been micro


I believe the micro-patching ability is more related to balance issues, and the delays for major patches are mostly related to certification issues mandated by the console makers – that process can take a few weeks, so I’d suggest monthly would be an estimate for any major fixes, but don’t quote me on any of that.