How long do you think it should take to Elite a character?


On average, for the average player?

Originally we wanted “Elite” status to mean just that, that you were a high level player with that character. That you put in the hours, got those headshots and as a result were a better players and I want you on my team.

Realistically though, it’s going to take people a very long time to get all the nuances of the game. People are learning fast, but after four or so days in the beta, there’s still a lot to learn about the game. Lots of room for improvement across the board. I don’t think people know it yet, but most people are just scratching the surface of what’s there. A character could take hundreds of hours to actually master. But maybe that shouldn’t have anything to do with Elite status.

So what to do about it. The way I’m adjusting the time now, it would take the average player 8.5 hours to take a character from nothing to Elite. Do you all think that’s too fast? Too slow? About right? Just curios.


I think that’s fine, because seeing how there’s 12 Hunters and 3 Monsters that’s a lot of hours in total.

By the way do you think you can tone down the numbers for ‘Follow Daisy for X amount of meters’? I understand it’s to educate the newer players, but I feel it could be toned down a bit as a middle ground for the more experienced crowd because being forced to follow her is a real chore.


It seems alright to me. I feel that to start poking at real specific details in the game like down to the numbers at the top of your head would take about maybe 500 hours or so though. Maybe is just me being crazy with tf2, having about 5000 hours and all


2 ez currently, I would say it should take at least 24 hours of in game playing to get a single skin.

Also an idea to consider is perhaps an extra special skin for those who manage to be top 100 or what have you in any of the various leaderboards.


weeks at least one of the best evolve players I know need to use the 5 player party to cheat so he could get the elite skin


Three star (Elite) Daisy got a huge change. It was taking players an average of 17.79 hours to do it. :stuck_out_tongue: Should only take five hours now to go from two star to three.

From the telemetry it looked like people got one star Daisy in .82 hours which has now been lowered to .75 hours.

And they got two stars in 2.31, which got a slight bump to 2.5 hours.


I think you should make the three stars easier to get


i think thats a bit too fast. i like where it was at. It felt lengthy but attainable after playing normally without trying to get it.

Id much rather be able to get it in due time rather then feel the need to force a build or play a certain way just to farm the “tasks” to get to elite.

i made constant and steady progress all through out the beta and unlocked all tier two (except hyde) by simply playing the game. Had i focused on one character i might have been close to elite but i was more intent on enjoying my time then rushing to get to the end.


that “just playing to unlock” is taken away when you have to get 120000 damage with headshot on Cabot’s railgun


didnt get the opportunity to see any of the third tier. that does sound pretty extreme, although ive no idea what it would feel like


Following Daisy has never been a problem for me. People just don’t know how to actually trigger “following” - I’ve literally had to explain to some great players how Daisy’s tracking mechanics work.

My problems are with the SMG damage for both Maggie and Griffin, I wasted literally hours with their other two challenges finished trying to rack up the SMG damage for Maggie’s 1st star and Griffin’s 1st and 2nd stars (never finished 2nd star) and feeling useless doing almost no damage when I could be harpooning. I wouldn’t trust the straight telemetry on the time to completion for those, I’d look at some subset of higher-level players because I bet there’s a lot of newbies who shoot the SMG and can’t figure out the harpoons.

As for the actual question, I feel like 10 hours is an upper bound on okay. I don’t like the idea of it being any higher, especially considering that that’s in-game time (I assume), not including menus and stuff. 8.5 sounds like a nice place to set it.


It is pretty bs like getting 40 (I think it is 40) double mines as Markov which is hitting 2 mines with out taking damage it stops being something you get by playing well it just becomes luck


Talking about elite skin, I hated the orbital barrage for Hank, why would i throw my orbital so far away and hope im lucky enough to hit it. It also means if the monsters decides to come and fight i have no orbital and man i had some huge clutch orbitals, i could lose the game just to get the elite skin. But only 9 hours? It seems alot but i think you can make it longer.


Yeah, I agree. Hyde is a great example. Everyone earned the mingun mastery really fast because they were using it more than they should. And the flame thrower slowly because they weren’t using it like they should.


Yeah, I just changed that one from 60 to 23.


Also just changed that one. Reduced the distance to 40 meters and reduced the count to 8 (was 30).


this is why this game is so fucking great the dev player communication is amazing and it is good to know my voice is being heard


I’d almost like to see 4 tiers of status that break it up a bit more, the jump from T1 to T2 seemed more than exponential in time to complete. Maybe sandwich in another Tier

T1 hardly took any time at all for the alpha players, I think I had Hyde unlocked in no more than 3-4 matches and was on to his T2 fairly quickly. Then I switched to Parnell and spent most of the weekend with him getting to where I was working towards T3.

Considering 2 hrs/day playing 5/days a week:
L1 measured in matches
L2 measured in hours/days.
L3 measured in days/week
Elite perhaps up to a month. I think that depends on what you want Elite to mean.

Are there any rewards planned for people who rank high on the leaderboards? I was in the top 50 for Parnell, I had a friend who was #2 on Markov (for short periods of time).

Another good idea I heard tonight was to have several different achievements a player could get to level up, and not just a set 3. Then to get to the next level they’d have to reach level 2 with 3 of them.

It might cut down on things like Val just using the sniper at the expense of healing while not having to worry about getting x number of uncapping someone with the med gun.


Who plays Hyde to use the Minigun?!?!?!


just to get the T2 and T3