How "Left 4 Dead" affected my life (share your stories!)


We called it crab walking. Yes I love my time on L4D.


I just realized that that today in 2009 I uploaded that blog post and proposed to my girlfriend, now wife.

Damn. Time flies.


damn that’s so cool, I wish I could find someone who’d propose to me (or me to them), but sadly older men don’t game that much. Cons of having a sugar daddy.




hahahah, oh man. 30 mins on a day ?!! you poor poor child. xDD i had a saying with my friends when we were in school, 2 hours in a computer cyber cafe is Never enough. usually 3 or 5 hours.

no that isn’t what make people violent. you wanna know what makes people violent, CoD, LoL, CSGO, Overwatch. hahah

coop games never induce anger issues. next TRS IP, Hurry up !! before kids get mad

edit: this is a fish

and i’ll beat anyone with it if you show me pic of lazarus D:<
a kind person liked one of my post, so i came to see. l4d threads should never ever age !!

if ya’ll still play L4D, wanna play together? i play l4d2 though, with custom maps.


Sure! I have been quite busy lately, but I’d be up for some L4D or L4D2 when I get a bit more time. :slight_smile:

Feel free to add me: