How "Left 4 Dead" affected my life (share your stories!)


I have mentioned this in other topics before, but I actually used Left 4 Dead to propose to my wife seven years ago. I figure this is as good a place as any to share the story. My friend Jess detailed it in her blog here if you are curious to read it.

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Thanks for sharing your story! It’s always great to hear about how L4D played a role in people’s life! :smiley:

The game made quite an impact on my life as well, and now I can’t help but share some of that. (Although it’s nothing quite like that epic marriage proposal).

(Warning! Wall o’ text incoming!) :warning:

So back in the days my mom was quite strict about video games. She was convinced that playing too much video games would turn people aggressive and violent, so I wasn’t allowed to play any video games for longer than 30 minutes on a day, and I could only play on weekends. Any kind of video games with blood was banned, unless the blood could be turned off. (I was around 14-15 years old I think)

Anyway, I somehow managed to convince her that the game wouldn’t be all that violent, bought the game… and It was glorious! The 30 minute gaming window I had during the weekend was just enough to finish a campaign. When I couldn’t play, I’d dream up and design my own L4D levels, drew my own little L4D comics, as well as made a few quite awfully animated L4D sketches.

But yeah, it wouldn’t be until 3-4 month later that my mom decided to actually take a look at what was happening on the screen, and of course it had to be the same day that I put my little brother in the seat and made him play it, lol. First thing she sees of course is my brother shooting an infected right in the face, the head exploding, and the screen covered in blood. She got so pissed, haha! xD

So anyway, I talked with her, and she had to admit that I hadn’t turned into an insane violent monster. Slowly I was allowed to play on weekdays as well, and when the L4D2 beta opened, she removed the 30 minute play constraint! I think she realized that Left 4 Dead inspired me to be creative, and that even violent video games such as Left 4 Dead didn’t have any negative effects on me. I don’t think I would have received any kind of support from her in my pursuit of a career in the games industry, if it hadn’t been for Left 4 Dead.

My brother and my mom is also the only family I talk to, so it means the world to me that L4D helped her change her view about the medium that I’m all about. :blush:


You unspoiler that story right now! That’s awesome… And I like where this topic is headed… Brb


hey hey hey, i’m one of the big fans of l4d2 here.

affected my life… hmm… well i actually did met up some of my l4d2 mates, looking forward to meet others in the future. have met some real great and funny peoples.

and so about your story, @TheMountainThatRoars, kudos to ya mate. we both share the same passion for this game.


I turned a corner once and a smoker was all up in grill covering the whole screen I had a close up of his cute face and almost on command my computer when DING YOUR VIRUS DATABASE HAS BEEN UPDATED. It scared me and my homie so bad we were in 6th grade at the time and since then almost like a reflex I have computer muted when I’m not using it.

We were playin on 360 so it came from behind too I think I pooped a bit. That’s how left 4 dead changed my life lol


It didn’t


You already know my story to make it short I actually married and have kids (twins) with someone I actually met on left for dead 1 nearly 9 yrs ago L4D will always have a place in my heart and I will never quit playing it.



The original L4D was the first ever FPS and Multiplayer game I ever got involved in. I loved it so much a built my rig just for it. Many memories…


That’s a really sweet story! Left 4 Dead has always been one of my favourite games for years and I still play it to this day.

As for how it affected my life, I first came across the game through Youtuber, kilplixism, who made many funny videos with his gang. Eventually, I started playing it, made several new friends and had many extremely memorable (and humorous) moments due to how tempting it was to screw over a teammate for the lolz. Sadly, all of my L4D friends have moved on so I play the game alone now.

But, on the other hand, I loved the game so much that I actually bothered to do stuff outside the game using the game assets. Particularly, I’ve been busy for many years making Left 4 Dead fan videos on Youtube. Back in 2010, there’s my Left 4 Dead machinimas and 2 years ago, I began a Source Filmmaker animation series based on Left 4 Dead called “White Lie”.

White Lie is one of my more successful video series and I pretty much live and breathe White Lie for the past 2 years everyday on my Youtube channel. Managed to accumulate over a million views on some videos. Sadly, the next upcoming video is the series finale so the series will be put to an end but who knows? I might end up with a sequel or something else.

For those interested:

L4D Machinimas:
White Lie series:


@Shaners here’s our left 4 dead convo :smiley:






Whatt, oh man im so happy for ya… Congratz… even for 9 years ago, truly sensational !!


All just from a video game it seems crazy once I think about it but I must say I love my wife and kids than anything and who knows if I didn’t get into left 4 dead I might not have met my wife. I know ppl who haven’t moved on yet from L4D my brother being one of those he acts like its the only game in existence lol.


I got me the GOTY Edition for christmas on Xbox 360, long ago, before L4D2 came out (and back when I was a console player)- And man, was it fun. I remember there was a bug when they released Crash Course(?) on the console side of things and I got a free achievement: 20 Car Pile Up. xD Which was to hit 20 people with a car on Crash Course I think… Well, I never even owned that map, afaik it was DLC. Anyways.

I had this friend called Kerim. We used to play L4D Almost all day erry day when we had the chance. We had this little game where we acted like complete idiots and pretended to be cockroach exterminators- zombies being cockroaches in this case. Don’t ask why, we just did. And, yeah. Kerim was a real rad guy. Not one of those “omg gamer gurl!!!” people, no, we were just playing around like any normal person would. And then Left 4 Dead 2 came out… And… I was Left-B-Hind. :frowning: Just like that, we never really spoke much… Because I would have never picked L4D2 up until early 2012, on the PC version… Left 4 Dead 2 was my transition into PC gaming, but I’ll never forget all the good times I had on the Xbox.

PS: The crouch running glitch still happens on L4D1. Sometimes I think I’m hilarious…


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L4D is one of my all times favorite game series ever. Made tons of friend online from playing it, even if today we don’t play it as much we still talk to each other every now and then.

I would say it influences how I play and pick the games that I play greatly after it.


i have many friends who are girls actually, even have their numbers and have met up before. but isnt gamer gurl a compliment lol ? there’s also a difference if a girl is just a casual gamer or a veteran pro. casual gamer is just like everyone, including guys.

l4d2 is still my main game. i dont think it’ll ever be uninstalled… until l4d3 comes out.