How late will the servers be on? in GMT?


title says enough i geuss


I think people told me it begins at 7 in the morning for me(i am GMT+2).


Don’t you mean 9 am ?

00:01 PST = 09.01 CET (GMT+1)



Nvm correction.As people kindly informed we will all have it midnight.EVERY region will get it on their midnight time.So that means,us Europeans, get to play some hours before Americans


source? :smile:


They say that’s how 2K handles things.


Is that source to be trusted tho? (seeing as there is no ‘mod’ or ‘admin’ title next to his name)

This region-base release is quite a strange way of doing this, imo. But hey, I get to play more early so I’m not complaining :smiley:


You are right to be sceptical! I am, indeed, just some random guy. :slight_smile:

The official word was over here:

Continuing the discussion from Release time:


Yeah but does it mean that the servers will be on at 00:00 in each territory ?


Thats what Chloe said.And i supposed Chloe would know

PS.I quoted the quote of Chloe so it has OjinM name.Anyway that’s what developers have confirmed.If something changes i’m sure we will be informed


You qouted chloe’s qoute which was quoted as a quote by OjinM so her quote showed up as Ojin’s quote but the quote was in fact a quote inside a quote.

I get it now


Yeap this.


Well, I can’t say for certain that they will be (literally, what I posted is all I know for sure), but, I will say that I don’t see it making much sense to have an online, multiplayer game ready to play but without servers up.

I could be wrong, but I’m going with my educated guess of “Yes, they will be up*.”

  • Unless something breaks.


ah thanks everyone


It makes sense. If they let each timezone play it one by one the stress on servers will be mitigated much better than if they just released it everywhere at once and players would flood them.


And another quote this time from Macman