How laggy can you really be?

this poor thing had this ping for more than 60 seconds he started at 15k… he took massive damage in that span


Such is life for the wicked. I mean the pinged.

I mean… The lagged.

Sounds like a regular day at the office.

Walk a step go back 5

I can tell you that I had two games like that. I think the high ping describes what needs to be :).


welcome to the community :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. Been reading alot here. Now was the time to get involved myself too.

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Yay new people! :slight_smile:

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Midnight I love the Jaina pic by the way, I didn’t know you played HotS until today!!! If I ever get a new PC we should play sometime. :smile:

My laptop can’t handle it at the moment though; I only get to play at my friends house. It’s lame. :confused:

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Hunters are douchebags sometimes =/ if a monster freezes maybe you shouldn’t try to take advantage of that.

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it took us like 30 secs to realize something was wrong and check our pings… he was teleporting but wasn’t stuck he was attacking us but we weren’t taking any damage… and after a short delay he would loose like 2 health bar worth of damage without us even attacking him :P… I quit the lobby after that screenshot :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a hunter team do that to me after I got stuck in a WB lost half of my health and all of my armour. I crushed em after that just did hit and runs till they all had 2 strikes then I killed em and I’ve seen hunters get domes where the monster can’t move but the hunters just pile on the damage. Just ruins the match as a hunter and as a monster for me.

The whole goddome topic is a joke.

Sure it is nice that you can run in there puny hunter. But how fun is it actually?

I prefer a good clean fight - let the trapper work with placing a dome without loop and obstacles instead…

Clearly you didn’t see the mods and leaders match with maddcow on behemoth


don’t expect hunters to want a good clean fight you will only be disappointed. it’s all about the w for hunters

and a lot of monsters

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That was just @Takran getting carried away on Hyde. :smiley:


Nearly 12k ms? Sounds like fun.