How is TRS going to spread the word about the new patch?


With the patch coming soon it’s hard to know where this game might stand afterwards. Will it have the greatest comeback in gaming history? or just have a minuscule increase in players?

A steam sale won’t be enough I feel. Will you work with streamers to get the word around?

What is the game plan here?




They have a marketing plan they’re working with 2K on. That’s as much as we know right now.

But they want it to succeed as much as we do, so fear not.


The guy from Epic Meal Time was in there’re last marketing plan the went along with a free weekend of the game. it was received well for the most part. Will it be something similar to that?

Edit I just want this game to be what it should have been and is. A masterpiece.


I couldn’t tell you, I don’t work for TRS.

I’m just going by what has been posted previously on the forum.



I love the fact that you have an Emote… For when you know something… and you cant tell us…

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They can tell us, but they’ll probably end up getting fired.