How is this possible?


This guy is like this with every Adaptation.

So cheesy.
How is this possible.
(Not! Name shaming.)

My buddies and I did the math Average of 2.5 mins.


One win every 2.5 minutes? Likely customs and his friend just sat there and let them boost wins to gain rank.


Customs don’t count as leaderboards.


Oh. I don’t play ranked. Didn’t know that. My bad.



It’s weird…


Kinda want to know how he did it. So much playing. And finding matches so fast.


He did this with each of the adaptations. He’s #1 for them all with stupid amounts of wins.


Hax. I call hax. Nobody wins that many times with no losses and only one death. Maybe in solo, but not against other people. Even in ranked, there has to be some kind of fuckery going on.


Probably hax. I don’t see how it could be anything else.


If I were a mod I totally allow the “Name and Shaming” but eh…

This SeXbox or what?




Considering it takes 20+ minutes to get a match at only silver expert… And no doubt with a record like that he’s gold. I call hax as well. Shameful, but those people never had any dignity to lose to begin with so…


Hes doing it in quick play, the leader boards are shared with both ranked and quick play but the benefit of quick play is faster games and against bots.

I feel if there’s going to be leaderboards at all then it should be specifically to the ranked que and quick play should remain as the “I only got 10 min before work but I wanna kill some shit” game mode.


You are right. I never realized quick play counted towards leaderboards. I agree…it shouldn’t count, it’s a casual mode. It’s less competitive and just for fun.


it’s only possible with him having friends who are letting them win straight off the dropship. He has at least one friend who is the monster and doesn’t care about his own score or uses an alt.

Dudes a no lifer. I’m personally gonna wreck his day if I play against him.


Packet manipulation or faked packets. Or if you know the API of the leaderboards then you can post your own values to this API. You have to inspect the API URL with tools like wireshark or direct on your network router. Then you have to get the security key/hash what ever (every system is different) of the API. If you have all values together to get API Access then just post wins/loses or direct all values to the API.

I am not 100% sure but this is the most common way to hack/cheat an API.

To get no death on Evolve you just can close the App or cut your network connection. It should be like in hunt 2.0


I agree. It doesn’t make sense for leaderboards to track quick play, especially because of the bots and ability to boost with friends.


We also have different leaderboards to track ranked hunt. The leaderboards don’t matter anyway. It’s all amount of time played.


It would matter more considering how long the que times are and chances are you are going to play against a premade or atleast a team of people playing strong characters instead of bots which is going to reduce the chances of “farming” a leaderboard rank.

As it stands now, I agree, time means everything for leaderboards when you only play the same character especially in quick ques like quick play (where you get the option of sticking with the same people to play the next gamemode) but if you change that to a more skillbased que like ranked hunt 2.0 you are more likely (keyword here is likely, if its a slow night chances are you end up getting qued against people not your level) to end up trying your best to win and at least at that point every win is earned for the most part.

I’m more for the earned part and less on the farmed, if people want leaderboards for quickplay so be it but atleast seperate it from ranked and have 2 different ones. You could even reset them on a certain interval to allow new players a chance to fight for that spot but keep a record of the previous boards before reset for something to look back on.


Yes this here is exactly why I don’t trust the normal leaderboards that have silly high win rates.