How is thier going to be 6 dlc Hunters?


i thought the plan was to have 4 hunters for every monster and more importantly an equal amount of hunters for every class


It could be they are only giving 2 of the 4 and you get to pick
They could have run out of ideas for unique hunters or
They might not feel comfortable selling hunters that won’t be available within a certain time frame.


they probably only have a good idea of what they want for 2 out of 4 of the “5th tier/set” of hunters.


but if that was the case why would they announce 6 instead of waiting till they thought of two more?


@MacMan, I’ve been wondering this too. Could you or @SlabOMeat please explain? Thanks!


THey might only be able to garuntee 6 right now but the plan is to have 2 more later, they just can’t announce it and offer it for pre-purchase yet.


I was always under the assumption that the 2 were multi class hunters, like a Medic/Assault and a Support/Trapper, you could pick them to be only one each game though.

Would be pretty groovy


That’s what I was thinking as well! It could enable some really cool designs. I wonder if the loadouts would change or if they would have one flexible set of equipment…