How is there not more talk about Left4dead?


I know this is an evolve based forum, but I’m surprised there’s not more talk about Left4dead on here. Left4dead changed my life, it was such a good game. Easily in my top 5 favourite games of all time, if not my favourite.

It had a great campaign, amazing multiplayer and challenging levels.

I loved having a team where everyone knew their roles as a special infected and also had to be good at surviving. If left4dead remastered came out before, I think I would tear up due to all the good (understatement) memories that would come flooding back.

The game had such beautiful mistakes and the developers took out all the game breaking ones quickly. I remember super pouncing with the hunter for a lot of damage, that feeling you get landing one.

There was awesome places to smoke grab instant kill, and good players developed tactics around it or knew where you look for you.

The characters were polarizing. I enjoyed listening to their banter. Francis hates stairs but loves vests, old wise Bills “YOU ONTWONNA SEE THIS?”, cool ass black dude Louis’ “PILLZ HERE!”, cute and perky Zoeys “Hold on, I’m gonna patch you up.”

I played left4dead 2, I liked it a lot but not as much as left4dead. I can’t figure out why, but I think it was the mostly daytime gameplay that didn’t excite me as much. Charging people out of windows is fricken hilarious.

TLDR: Being a little left4dead fanboy.



my favorite song



My Left 4 Dead custom SFM series :stuck_out_tongue:



I loved L4D I put so many hours into that game between my xbox and pc. I just don’t have much to say about it anymore. It was a great game with friends, and I loved the feeling when you finally beat a level on the hardest difficulty.



Yeah, I don’t even have l4d anymore. But the game was glorious