How is Slim Now

What has this new update done for him haven’t been able to play yet due to life…he was my main I was even top 50 with him once but the really hurt him with the reload perk and super short spores can I finally main him again ?

He is more utility player now .

Spores in the right place to protect mainly support . Healing drone

He is not that good as he used to be .

I feel his healing burst should do an additional 15 points more .

As a support main he is the best [spores cloud + cloak ]

Best perks
1.Damage resistance
2.Reload »» but you will not survive in stage 3

If the monster focused on single target (val Caira ) are way better

If the monster focused on all hunters ( slim ) is the way to go

Not to consider Also the damage is done while healing is just insane as a medic . He feels like a support or assault

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Ask @10shredder00 :stuck_out_tongue:

No, don’t do that. I got @MacMan in on him last time and that was the only way to make him stop talking.


He’s is awesome, he’s healing numbers got some buffs. But people say it’s not as fast as it was before. I personally think he’s really great especially with Hank and Sunny, I heard teams like Cabot can also work but you need a hard trapper.
His spore cloud is finally in the right place, it only hides outlines and not blind us anymore. I don’t care if they buff the range to 10 meters, it’s a very fair kit to counter.

His bug is the same.

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You called?
~sees thread title~

I’ve only faced him once, his new spore visual seems a lot less disorienting but I can’t be certain.


It’s ok. I’m hoping color blind mode will help most of us out.

I like the new visual for his spore cloud. It used to be more “I shot it…is he in it?” (IMO). Now the cloud is a sphere, so you can see all that it covers…

I never understood why there was such an outcry about the nerf of Slim to begin with. Maybe it cripples NjP meta, but for a standard Bronzo-silverish guy like most of us, this nerf did not affect us. What did affect Slim (and Caira) is only the fact that Val became so much superior in most situations.

Soooo. If you stopped maining him because you stopped playing and your question is, he is viable: yes he is viable (he was always viable) and he became more viable yesterday now that the healing has been improved by 5% and that most of people are trying out Gorgon which does weak ass AoE and hits like a wuss (Slim is able to facetank her with Capacity at level 2).
If you stopped maining him because you play high competitive Hunt, and that you needed his reload perk to keep up with the healing, I don’t think the patch of yesterday changed anything.

I played Slim before Patch 5.0 even without Reload Perk and it worked for me, but with 5.0 Val got better and Slim couldnt keep up with healing compared to Val, especially because there are so many Wraith players now. Wraith is not so easy to hit and the Gorgon is also not so easy to hit. I will try Slim again, but I dont know if he works really well against Gorgon. Maybe Rogue Val is better in aoe healing…

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Would like to know what is your opinion now @Savvy?

Slim wont ever be viable against Pro players if he doesnt have 2 shots heal burst due to the counterplays he gets from Goliath/Kraken/Wraith.In my test server i even seted the heal burst to 550 with 4 shots against certain coutner play and he couldnt keep up .
Against Gorgon behemoth he might be viable dont know for certain need to play’s test him more.And i think thats what TRS wants to do with him , not be able to be played almost every time against all monsters.
And i think that is a good thing to do in my opinion in general not tlaking about slim …slim should recieve a tiny bit more love in the future…the good thing to do is that NOT all hunters should counter all monsters!

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Hmm so we won’t be seeing him in ESL yet. As a casual player I still want to play him though, because I like his high skill ceiling and how dynamic and intense his gameplay can be. What perks options do you recommend trying for Slim? I am going with capacity at the moment to complement the three shot heals.

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We might see him . Yes he has a good ammount of skill cap and for pubs i fully recommend him , and that is the problem that TRS has to deal and find a way…he will propably wreck pubs too much that doesnt make him viable in competitive .
Same case with Behemoth he had like 60+ % win rate in pubs with his buffs and they had to nerf him …in the other hand in competitive he couldnt make it to stage 2 he was dieng or almost dead in first dome and he wouldnt make distance for stage 2.
As for perk’s i recommend DR or KS for competitive , for pubs capacity and jump height

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I strongly believe now that the Spore Clouds aren’t as big a problem anymore for anyone (they never were to begin with for a vast amount of players), people will finally figure out Slim is only mildly viable against Goliath and Behemoth and straight up UP against Kraken and Wraith.

Same with Parnell, same reason.
The accuracy, recoil and fire rate of their kit was balanced around big targets.

The Spore Clouds need to be more effective at protecting Slim while not immediately turning into an anti-fun mechanic that severely cripples a select few with handicaps like small monitors, low framerate, dark gamma, etc.

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capacity, quick switch, reload, health regen, jetpack recharge are good perks with Slim. I would like to bring Slim back to Esl, but it’ll be a high risk choice such as bringing a Laz, like Val and Caira are much safer picks for competitive play. I’ll practice more with this updated Slim to see if I could actually use him again in Esl. Also I’m getting pretty tired of always using and seeing a Val.

@BearStream Just played against a Slim. Thoughts:

Well now he’s back in the OP category. Thanks TRS.

Barely did anything to those spores I see and you even buffed everything about him basically. Don’t worry. Not like I enjoy playing the game at all. Or that he wasn’t too strong before.

But that spore “nerf” if you can even call it that, that I’ve been waiting two patches for? Does nothing. You’d think they would’ve made it a 1/2 second reveal or just a reveal in general but nope.

Split second reveal.

Fucking glorious.

Bring back pre-patch Wraith while you’re at it since unfun things are cool in the current build.

I have problems to even hit the Gorgon with Slim in high ping games because she seems to warp from one to another direction when she uses her traversal. Didnt see that before with other monsters in high ping games.

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Best thing about slim now is the new spore cloud animation I think it’s cool but slim the medic I find him very weak,being in the monsters face as medic is just death staring at you


How is Slim now ? As my main medic balanced imho (if the rest of the team know what to do), EXCEPT with kraken / wraith. hard to hit them, especially kraken. Result = Hard to hit + no healing = dead team.