How is Maggie/Sunny fun to play against?


I often hear Hunters whine about how such and such monster isn’t fun to play against. Ok so can someone explain to me how Maggie and Sunny are fun to play against as Monster? On quite a few maps it’s pretty much impossible for the Monster to even evolve against a team using that combo that knows what it’s doing. You might be able to run for a bit but eventually you just get domed over and over again and have no chance to evolve.


Jack, Sunny and Val are even worse together. Or swap Jack with Griffin, either way it’s brutal.


As a Goliath user give me Maggie all day even with Sunny over a Jack and Sunny. At least with Maggie I can attack someone. Hunters spaced out with Jack makes for a lot of repulsor use.


I don’t know, I find them fun.

Even if I’m getting my ass kicked I love Evolve :monster:


Wasteland Maggie is pure bs and op especially against Wraith.


Yeah, I don’t think Mad Mags with just one harpoon is OP against Wraith. OG Mags is another story.


Yeah it can be annoying breaking harpoons as wraith now from Maggie :sweat_smile: .


I wouldn’t say its OP but it is decently strong . Decoy is getting a rework so that could help wraith out quite a bit .


Yeah that’s one reason i say its a good thing since caira and hyde could already do that adding waste maggie makes a comp that makes decoy close if not useless.


We actually do have a full fire team with Tech SGT hank . His orbital does fire damage . So wasteland Maggie, Tech SGT Hank, Caira, and Decoy becomes useless. You could actually substitute Caira with Rogue Val since she has DOT with the poison Dart Gun, it’s just as effective if not more .


Sunny is not fun to play against. Period. Add in Val and it’s a nightmare.


Thanks for showing how the game is so blatantly Hunter favored. Correct with all these new damage variations of the hunters it just makes Wraith even harder to win with. Goliath already sucked so it looks like we’re truly left with only Kraken being viable against any team with a clue. I haven’t played Kraken in ages so I don’t even know if he’s viable anymore against all this new Hunter nonsense.


Bad matchups under very specific conditions =/= one side being favoured over the other.

And, to be 100% honest, Wraith is actually still very viable. A good Wraith player will still give people nightmares. The trick is not making Decoy your bread & butter.


It’s not bad matchups it’s plain overpowered Hunter’s combined together. Explain why so many teams consist of one of the Val variants, Sunny, or one of the Hank variants, and one of the Maggie variants? Because the combos are op.


What’s annoying is when jack repulses you when he’s practically behind you


That’s just stupid!


Yeah happened to me last night on twitch in a custom it was a big wtf moment


Were you Kraken?


I think i was gorgon


Huh. What did the beam look like?